June 27, 2010

Woolfest 2010

We have just come back from a fabulous weekend at Woolfest. Lots of great company, lots to see and with the added bonus of a full moon.
We took lots of pictures, well over 170, but don't worry you aren't getting them all:)

There were lots of animals, all shapes and sizes from rabbits, via Ouessant sheep to full grown sheep. These are but a few

This character was my favourite, just look at those eyes:)
There was also a large variety of textile sheep, these were auctioned off to raise money for Farm Africa
So many to choose from.

Apart from fleece, yarn and animals there was a great variety of spinning wheels, looms and other such tools.

The colours as always were very inspiring.
I think Mr Natural Dye Studio may have been scouting for Mrs NDS:)
Silk dyes the most fabulous colours.
Knitwitches Eirwen herself:)
This piece commemorates the floods in Cumbria and was very poignant.
This was the Ravelry/bloggers meeting point. A place for us all to congregate and chill out. Sadly we were moved at the last minute from the main area to a marquee. The hot weather made this a little uncomfortable. there was a real coffee stand in here and the very large almost continual queue made it hard for Ravellers to find space to sit. Added to this the route to here passed through an extremely busy cafe, another marquee and narrow doorways full of people. Wheel chairs didn't have an easy journey. I think a lot of people couldn't find us, especially as we had put lots of messages on Rav giving the stall position where we were told we would be. Despite all this quite a few people found us and it was good to meet up with friends old and new. The Wool Clip were kind to give us space to meet, I wonder if they realised the number of ravellers who would attend?

We raised £150 for the Northern Air ambulance from the sale of commemorative limited edition bags and t shirts. Plus magazines donated by a kind Raveller and of course Mr Mog wool winding. Anyone who purchased yarn could have it wound by Mr Mog for a donation to the air ambulance.
Here you see him presenting the money at the end of the show.

We didn't purchase very much at all.
Babylonglegs gave us this lovely fibre, I promise not to fight over who gets to spin it up:)
The 2 packs of fibre from Freyalyn were in exchange for a shawl I knitted. That leaves some gorgeous silk to be made into batts, a ball of Polwarth fibre from Spindlers and a roll of Ashford merino silk from the Yarnyard. Mr Mog chose all the colours except the silk, that man is getting way too keen on spinning.
We stayed with our friends on the Solway coast and were lucky enough to see the full moon rise over the Solway.

I felt very privileged to see it.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos and yarn

Blue Witch said...

The moon photos are fabulous. Love the sheep and £150 is a great amount to have raised. Well done Mr Mog's winding!

Hannah said...

AHH more cute fiber animal pictures! Thank you for sharing, they're all so adorable.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Those sheep are so interesting to look at! We don't farm a lot of sheep in Canada, so some of those breeds look pretty exotic to me.

laoi gaul~williams said...

ohh all that lovely wool :)

its made me think i need to get started on my patchwork wool blanket underway!
we have the new forest show coming up in a few weeks and they always have a lot of small independant wool producers there~shall make sure i take some wool~funds ;)

mel said...

I had no idea there were so many odd varieties of sheep!! lol. The one with four horns is rather perturbing...lol

And such lovely, lovely colours.....*dribbles*

Anonymous said...

What of lot of cuddly sheep :-)). Beautiful pictures.

Sea said...

Shh! There's a rabbit snuck into the sheep pictures! I had two cashmere rabbits, but the larger one was so aggressive I found a new loving home for her.

Freyalyn said...

Lovely photos - I could feel the moon rising but couldn't see it for ages because we were behind the Mart. One of these days we'll stay somewhere nicer...

stormina_teacup said...

We missed coming to see you this year lovely Amber Moggie laydeeee! I think we owe you a present! We were so busy dashing here, there and everywhere we had no chance of making it. It looks like you had a great time, no doubt we'll see you there next year if not before!
Much love
Lisa & Storm x

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Thanks for posting all the photos. As you know I missed Woolfest this year so I was glad of a chance to share it through your photos.
Well done for raising £150. I am sure that a lot of hard work went into that from both of you.
Jan x

BabyLongLegs said...

Good to see you guys again...
Loving your wonderful pictoores...as always!!

Many Hugs
S xXx

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