June 11, 2010

Rainbow colours

It has been a fabulous day today, a little breezy but sunshine all the way. It always lifts my spirits when the sun shines.
We had a little meander in one of our local parks today and I thought you might like to come with us.
We have to go through a delightful grove to start with, a tunnel into another world.
Not a soul about, just us. Can you hear the birds singing all around you? We could.
There are many varieties of trees here and this is just a small selection of them. This has to be one of my favourite pictures, it reminds me of a Japanese garden.
Foxgloves are flowering already
As are the azaleas.
The patterns made by the ivy are stunning.
Hazel is growing fast.
So lush and green
A bride's bouquet perhaps? They smelt very nice.

All the geraniums or cranesbill are flowering now.
Various colours of them around the park today.
To add to the colour I thought I'd show you current progress on my freeform wrap. I've been trying to find a blog post I thought I had done last year when I made the first part but no success. The idea was to freeform curls of fleece and see what happened.
I wore the first part at Woolfest last year and then added a wee bit to it before wonderwool.
I've been adding more today.
The idea is to carry on and see how big it gets, I'd like it cloak length but realistically I couldn't wear it.

It already weighs quite a bit. What do you think?


Suzi Smith said...

mmm... so peaceful... glad to join you on your walk. love the freeform!

Kathy said...

How vibrant! That's such a clever idea to keep adding on to it. One of these days I'm going to have a cloak to wear in these Wisconsin winters and I might just have to steal your idea.

Your countryside looks amazing. So serene and beautiful.

Blue Witch said...

I'm intrigued by the cloak... how are you adding in the lower layers? Sewing them through the one just above? Or somehow else?

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