February 22, 2009

A walk in woodands and hennaed hair

When we went to Cumbria to visit mum we stopped off at our favourite spot.
Following are some of the photos we took there. I hope you enjoy your visit.
The snowdrops are in full flower and these were just by the secret entrance.
Everywhere there were garlic leaves coming through as well as the start of bilberry leaves.
I wonder where this ladder takes you?
Do you think perhaps someone or something was sitting in the tree watching us?
This is the view over Bassenthwaite Lake. Despite there being a dual carriageway beneath us it is invariably peaceful and in all the years we have been there we have never seen another person. People do visit, there is a fire pit that always shows signs of fresh use and sadly there is quite often rubbish left on the hill:(
Can you see the boar watching from the top of the tree?
Another view of Bass lake with the mountains behind it.
There are lots of these tree stumps to be seen, all offer the promise of entrance to another world.
As you can see there is slate beneath all the plants.
and also in amongst the garlic. It is amazing how plants colonise
This is the most peaceful place.

Entrances to other worlds abound.

Not a soul to be seen

Now for Angeluna, my freshly hennaed hair:)


Elizabeth said...

Both the woods and your hair look beautiful. By coincidence, I also hennaed my hair this weekend. I'd forgotten how fun it is.

MandellaUK said...

What a lovely place. Thanks for posting the photos. I came across an entrance to another world yesterday. We were locating some of the stone block saved from the chimney demolition and one one were about 30 hibernating snails. I know I'll be after them later in the year when they start eating my plants, but for now I just put everything back and left them be.

Anonymous said...

I wish I was brave enough to do that to my hair... yours always looks lovely but my knuckles turn white at the very thought of doing it to myself...

Angeluna said...

Ooooh, love the hair! Thanks for the photo.

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