February 23, 2009

Knitting(not socks) + goodies for YOSH + doctor

There has been knitting of a non sock nature going on. You will see the results shortly but first just look at what Vicky W sent for YOSH.

Well obviously not all for YOSH, I apparently have to eat the delicious chocolate, no hardship there then:) Also photos of my favourite place to visit, Glastonbury. Thank you Vicky it is much appreciated. I also love the cat card.

Then to the knitting. I've read a lot about Meret the gorgeous FREE beret pattern by Woolly Wormhead and seen some beautiful finished items on Ravelry. Well last week Laal Bear came a visiting and brought the red one that she recently completed. I loved it and thought I'd better have a go at making one.

Unfortunately the yarn I chose doesn't show the pattern to its best advantage but is very warm and very comfortable to wear.
The yarn is Kilcarra Aran tweed, a green product donated by the lovely Clarabelle. It is 100% pure new wool.
It knit up very quickly and easily once I followed the pattern exactly:( I started with the 1st row of pattern and then found out that for the size I was making I should have started later. Once this was ironed out it was plain sailing. This is the second hat for YOSH and joins the other completed items in the hospice cupboard.
I loved the hat so much I've earmarked some vivid blue to wind for the next one later today.

I went back to the doctor today and apparently my rash is a form of eczema. I was offered stronger steroid creams or steroid tablets. I am going to see what I can come up with as an alternative first.

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