February 10, 2009

More socks and snow pics, cotton gloves question.

Lets start with the snow shall we? We went up to Cumbria at the weekend to see friends and to visit mum. Luckily we did as you saw in my previous post. BTW she is comfortable in hospital and is having treatment and various tests. More info as we know more.
The journey up was delightful as there was much snow. The journey home not as nice as we had a blizzard all the way home. But these pictures show a little of how beautiful Cumbria looks in the snow.

The picture above was at Westmorland services Tebay. As you can see there has been quite a lot of snow.
This was the M6 near Sedbergh
Then there has been much knitting This is a skein of natural dye studio 4ply and a skein of unknown that I mixed together for a pair of hospice socks.

A better picture of the colour when wound together.

Here you see the first sock

Then these were double knit yarn I traded with Laal Bear. Wasn't sure there was enough for a pair of socks so added the orange .
This is my valentines day sock in progress. Also for YOSH. Yarn is 4ply hand dyed that I've used double. They will be ankle socks.
Now a plea, my hands are still really sore and I'm wondering if a pair of cotton gloves would help. Any ideas where I could get some fine ones please?


Crobbles said...

When photographers used to work in dark rooms (pre digital) They would sometimes wear fine cotton gloves to protect their hands.
I found some here;




And good old Boots sell them.


Artis-Anne said...

I was going to say Boots as well. I do hope you can find something to help Amber
All the snow has gone from down here now but the mountains opposite are still all white

Cinders said...

The local chemists usually sell them too. When my hands are sore I rub nurofen all over them at night and then wear the gloves. I find it helps.

I like all your socks

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