January 29, 2009

This post brought to you by the letter K

I saw this on Knitting in the shadows blog and asked her for a letter so this post is brought to you by the letter K
So here goes with 10 things beginning with the letter K.
1, Knitpicks harmony circular needles. Since Artis Anne seduced me onto the dark path I haven't been able to use anything else.

2. Kittens. I really really miss having a cat.

3. knitting, that goes without saying and here is the yarn for my latest pair of hospice socks
Top skein is Laal Bear DK, bottom skein is natural dye studio DK.
Here they are ready to knit. I was originally going to do the heel and toe in the NDS yarn but forgot when I did the heel so I think now it will be used for the toes.

4. The Kinks, I love their music and always have.

5. Glennie Kindred, she writes, and for a long while self published, many books. My favourites are Earth Wisdom,Sacred Celebrations. Several years ago we arranged a workshop at our local arboretum and Glennie stayed with Mr Mog and I for the weekend. She is very knowledgeable on trees and tree wisdom.

6. Knitspot. I find Anne's creativity incredible. She comes up with some wonderful designs and I also love her photos of what is happening around her.

7. Karma. I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around. I also subscribe to the theory "an it harm none do as you will." Harming none meaning oneself also.

8. Kitchen witching. For me the magic you weave in a kitchen with a few simple ingredients is true magic. You can put so much love and thought into even a simple meal.

9. Kermit the frog, I love the Muppets and we have a small Kermit at home that used to belong to our late cat.

10. Kyanite. A great crystal for meditation and also a good one for creativity.
Phew that wasn't easy thinking of 10 things beginning with K. Anyone else want a letter?

We had a great day today, we went to Conishead Priory for a walk in the woods down to the bay. Pictures to follow probably tomorrow. The woods were full of snowdrops and it was so peaceful. We then went and had lunch in Ulverston before returning home. So many signs of spring appearing.


Crobbles said...

Wow, you did well with your Ks.

I'll have a letter please!

Anonymous said...

Great list of K's!
(and I love that you managed to put knitting somewhere other than first).
Thanks for the tip on Kyanite and Glennie Kindred....off to learn more!

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