January 09, 2009

Questions on donating to YOSH

For some reason I called it KOSH the other day it is off course YOSH (year of hats and socks)
I've had several questions sent about donating.
Email address is amber(dot)moggie(at)virgin(dot)net, replacing the bracketed words with the appropriate symbols please.
Secondly type of yarn. This can be double knit,worsted or thicker. Wool content, preferably wool or a wool blend please as my aim is to knit something luxurious for the hospice patients and their families. Something a little different to the socks and hats you can buy at the likes of Pr1m&rk or Asd&
Last year I used yarns such as socks that rock, posh yarn, fyberspates, wollmeise, the knittery to name a few. Also Regia,opal and so forth.It was good to knit with them and I know the finished socks were a pleasure to receive. This year I thought thicker yarns for 2 reasons, not just the warmth factor but my poor hands struggling with fine yarns and fine needles.
Let's face it if you are a patient or a relation of a patient receiving hospice care then receiving something that bit special as a gift out of the blue is good.
BW I have seen the knitting method you mention but haven't tried it yet.
The other thing is , following on from my previous post ,I love making the so called vanilla or simple socks.They showcase the yarns which are variegated and secondly and more importantly they allow me to work on them unfocused. It is a meditation tool if you like.

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Roobeedoo said...

I only just saw that you wanted thicker yarns - duh! Maybe you could work the ones I sent two strands at a time?

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