January 17, 2009

Light on rooftops and cave paintings(almost)

Another post but it was such a gorgeous day today that we meandered along the promenade. Whilst doing so I thought a few pictures in my rooftop series would be fun.
This is the clock tower and the top always makes me think of a tuning fork somehow.
The next one is a lingerie shop. I love all the windows .

This next one is shared between 2 banks, HSBC and Natwest. Battlements do you think?
I like the top of this building and think it just needs a bell in the gap there to finish it off.
This reminds me of a fairy castle, it is the Winter Gardens. I love the dark contrast with the sky.
Then ,whilst returning to the car I saw the way the pavement had cracked and it just reminded me of cave paintings.
I can see a man in this picture above.
Hieroglyphics, could it be a tale unfolding?
This one is super with all the lines.
Ape or poodle or both?
bird's footprints.
A stag with a magnificent pair of antlers.


Laal Bear said...

The 'cave paintings ' are so cool . We couldn't get out for a walk had to wait in for a man coming :0(

Tammy said...

What cool cave paintings. I saw all the things that you described.

Living on the west coast of the US, we don't have the old buildings that the east coast has or where you live. They are so beautiful and some day I hope to see some of them in person.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos - between you and Helen, I will have to up my game!!

Artis-Anne said...

Oh they are great especially the 'cave' ones

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