December 15, 2008

Neckwarmer mark 2, femmes awaiting homes

I've been playing with the design for the neck warmer I showed you the other day and I really quite like this version. It is very hard to show it properly, light is bad and it doesn't lend itself to close photographs, despite Lydia's help.
I have made a ruffled top as well as the more ruffled bottom edge.

What you can't see is that there is a row of holes at the top edge also, I intend to thread a velvet ribbon in this. Very Elizabethan:)

You may just see the holes in this picture above.

Then I thought you might like to see the femmes that are still awaiting homes. I'm offering a special price for each including postage. Email me if you are interested.

Luciana is named for the goddess of fate and luck and in her honour she wears the dice. Lady Luck rolls the ways of chance and fortune for us. She also wears the dice to remind us that we can choose our own road and we are not just dependant on the winds of change. A dice has many sides and we have many paths to choose from. Cats throughout time have been symbols of luck, especially black ones. The star is a symbol of what we can aim for.
Mara carries hope and forgiveness. We have to try new paths sometimes and she goes with us to show the way. There is no right or wrong path, just what suits us.
Mayamei is of the earth and more at home in forests where she blends in easily. She brings strength to new ventures. The bees tell us that sometimes there is strength in numbers. In past times green was the colour for luck and for protection on new ventures.
Serephina holds traces of Autumns glory, shown here by the oak leaf on her dress. She is a true fire or sun goddess. The bee and bee hive represent the sweetness of life and bees are a part of the great mystery in the way they journey to find pollen and return safely to the hive. The sun she wears is a foreseeing of the turn of the year at Yule and the return to the light and the warmth. Serephina brings hope,joy and fruition with her.

This femme is Tailtiu,named after the Irish goddess,foster mother of Lugh. Wearing a cloak, could it be the Winter weather do you think?

The weather here is freezing and I haven't been far all weekend as I've been in a lot of pain. We have quite a busy week planned, a trip to meet a friend at Ikea tomorrow, A meal with Mr Mog's aged parent and his sister on Friday up in cumbria. Sunday we are looking after our 2 grandsons over night while my daughter and her partner take his parents away to posh hotel for dinner and B&B. My DD has a suite with an outside jacuzzi on the roo top balcony. They are welcome in this weather:)
Yule is looming ever closer and I have mostly finished gift making I think.


KnitYoga said...

I love those dolls you make. I'm feeling a lot of resonance with Luciana. I could really do with Lady Luck at the moment! Is she still available? I couldn't find your email addy to contact you.

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog today, (by mistake, if I'm honest!!) I LOVE the dolls you make, Mara in particular. Gorgeous.

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