December 21, 2008

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice everyone, I hope your day is full of cheer and not too fraught.
We started our celebrations yesterday when the Bears came visiting. Much more joyous to celebrate with friends. After all in olden days it was the excuse for a party and feasting. We shared lots of good food and the most delicious mulled cordial that Ursula had found.
There was exchanging of gifts also and because we mogs celebrate each and every occasion we can it seemed only correct to open said gifts.
Firstly however Ursula and I did a trade, one of Mr Mog's upright swifts for 2 of Ursula's fabulous bags.
This one is multi pocketed and ideal for not just knitting but the other things you need to take with you on your travels. Very capacious and ideal for me. Notice the cats and the people. Also what you can't see is that Ursula made each trim a different colour to reflect my love of bright mismatched things:)

Here you see it together with the sock knitting bag, this matches perfectly and is ideal for travelling socks. The link is above if you too want your own bags in fabulous fabrics.
Then, as I previously mentioned, there were gifts.
Ursula dyed yarn especially for Mr Mog and I for socks and thoughtfully made sure it was DK so I am able to enjoy the knitting. Mr Mog has the oranges, mine is the lilac combos. Very yummy and very very soft to the touch. Also in the picture is a slate house number that Papa Bear made for us, much much nicer than the plastic numeral that presently adorns the side of the house and much easier for visitors to see. But look at the top of the picture, Moggs for the mogs(VBG)
Could anything have been more perfect? Thank you Mr & Mrs Bear and may the light that burns today grow ever stronger and brighter for you both.

Then I've some finished knitting to show you.
Fingerless gloves in the aran I dyed. Yes I know the pattern changes at the top, that was deliberate.
The ruffle matches the neck warmer ruffle and I am very pleased with them both. Ideal for this weather and not having full gloves means I can feel my crutches.
On this shortest day, longest night may I wish you all love, joy and abundance within your lives.


Just Me said...

Brightest blessings for the solstice to you both. May your path be alight with all good things. xx

Brahdelt said...

Happy Solstice! I love the big bag, what a great present. *^v^*

Laal Bear said...

We had a lovely day . Thank you. I've had a go with the winder :-)U x

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Joy of the solstice to you both from me too.

And I also love that knitting bag with all its pockets. Wonderful design, and happy colours.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm late. Was too busy enjoying myself and doing nothing yesterday :)

Antoinette said...

I hope your Solstice was full of warmth and joy.

Love those fingerless gloves and the colour of the yarn is just lovely. Like a watercolour.

Antoinette said...

I hope your Solstice was full of warmth and joy.

Love those fingerless gloves, and the colour of the yarn is gorgeous - like a watercolour.

Antoinette said...

Sorry - think I sent a comment to you twice. Oops!

But I do like those fingerless gloves! hehe

Kim said...

Merry Solstice to you and thanks for visiting my blog. Now I can enjoy yours :)

I am very interested in your femmes, but can't seem to see your email addy anywhere. Can you let me have it somehow?


Kim x

Rosie said...

Very belated solstice greetings!

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