December 12, 2008

laptop purchase help needed

Help needed please. Our laptop has died and Mr Mog is bereft to say the least as he has really enjoyed learning to use the computer over past 12 months. It was a boon during his radiotherapy. etc.
Where can I get hold of a new one cheaply please? Haven't got much in funds but really want to try and get him up and running again. It needs to be able to go online and that is about all
thanks for help


Anonymous said...

How cheaply is cheaply?

Elizabeth said...

If you're not bothered about screen size, then a netbook might be a good option. They generally cost less than £250. My housemate has an Acer Aspire something or other, which has got an 8" screen, and is very portable and can go on the web.

If you go for a more normal sized, new laptop, make sure you avoid getting one with Windows Vista Home Basic - it's very poor from what I've heard. Have a look at the Comet or Curry websites, you might be able to find something cheap.

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