July 30, 2008

Still here, still knitting and still sore

photos soon I promise. I am still knitting. Fire shawl almost finished and ready for beaded border. ArtisAnne at fault for that, she taught me how to add beads:)
second STR sock is almost done. Still destashing needles etc to raise funds to purchase the knitpicks harmony options ones. Soon I hope:)
Still very sore, this pull has taken for ever to ease and is still there allbeit on a slightly less intense level.
Mr Mog feeling a lot better but still has twitch.
Have a friend here from yesterday to Friday and today had the grandsons also . Did have a friend coming friday til sunday with cat, as this friend leaves but have put her off as we need some breathing time.
Way too warm and muggy here not condusive to knitting
think thats all for now:)


Meg said...

Hope your Lammas is glorious!

Artis-Anne said...

Take it easy both of you and looking fwd to seeing the beading :)

Anonymous said...

I've had a week like that too, sympathies!

Less muggy here today luckily. Have had to have fan on all night to even get any sleep most of the week.

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