July 17, 2008

Current sock knitting for Mr Mog

Today's sock knitting is for Mr Mog and is brought to you courtesy of Maylin and Annarella.
Maylin dyed this yarn especially for Mr Mog and he loves it:) It knit up very speedily as you can see and I'm now past the ribbing and racing up to the heel on the second sock.
close up showing how gorgeous it looks. Love the heel flash of turquoise:) Thanks Maylin , Mr Mog tried the first one and it fit to a T.

Second set of socks for Mr Mog uses Hundertwasser by Opal from Annarellas destash, isn't it lovely? I saw this on Jans blog and loved the colours and Annarella was destashing et voila:) I thought it was time Mr Mog had some new socks. I know I should have finished the first pair but I needed to see the opal knit up:)
We have spoken to Oncologists secretary about the effects of the new hormones. She has said he can go back on the monthly injections, a little better but not quite what we had hoped:(
He is still very low, no energy and upset stomach plus twitch is worse today.Also he is really feeling the cold, all part of the hormone effect I suppose. Poor Mr Mog, I am trying to keep his spirits up but it isn't easy. He feels that all the good of the past few months has been undone with these new hormones.
Other stuff, I'm working on some new designs for the elementals . A zodiac series pictures when they get to the showing stage. Won't be yet as we have christening this weekend in Derby, neurologist on Monday then Wales Wednesday to spend a few days with ArtisAnne and her DH. Looking forward to that, well we both are:)


Jane said...

the socks are knitting up really lovely. Hope you enjoy your time away and say hello to Wales for me

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear DH isn't doing too well atm. Hope the socks cheered him up - have a good time in Wales.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Mr Mog's socks are lovely and I am glad that you manged to get hold of some of the Opal that you loved.

Sorry to hear Mr Mog is not feeling too good at the moment. My mother's favourite saying was "When you are down and feel that you can't get any lower then you are looking up at the stars so the only way is up" so I hope that this works for Mr Mog.

Anonymous said...

beautiful socks!

good thoughts to you and mr. mog.

beth (big geek)

maylin said...

Hmm that isn't the effct I envisioned - back to the drawing board. The Hundertwasser are lovely though, I must look out for that colourway.

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