July 22, 2008

socks finished, stash enhancement and a rant

Opal socks are finished and I love them:) Won't fit Mr Mog though as I knit tightly on these. I am starting some in Socks that rock jewel of the nile and am hopeful this time I'll get it right.
a trade for an elemental
trade for elemental and some yarn for hospice socks plus pair of socks. Thanks Jane:)
From another rav friend for hospice socks
purchase from a destash on rav
trade for coventina and noro for hospice socks:)

Some great stash enhancement these last 2 days as you can see:)

Rant, we went to see neurology doctor yesterday and what a total waste of time. The man treated us as though we were imbeciles and we were in and out within less than 5 minutes.
Total contrast to when Mr Mog visits the urologist or oncologist. Guess we have been spoilt by their care and courtesy.
After sitting for around half an hour ,which was good and we were offered a cuppa, we went into the doctors room. 3 questions fired off to Mr Mog in rapid succession. What age are you, are you right or left handed and does it make your eye blink?
Those answered we got a simplistic lecture on hemi facial spasms where those 3 words were repeated at least 9 times. He then sent the nurse out for a leaflet explaining once again for her benefit what the leaflet was on.
Question: if this is something he does often why were the leaflets not in with him?
No examination, told that the treatment is mri scan, botox and then op if not cured. When I mentioned doctor thought it was sinuses originally I was rudely interrupted and told no it isn't.
Then Bob's your uncle out we were sent.
Mr Mog is going to try and get rid of it himself by relaxing more. He hasn't any confidence in the doctor and I haven't
What happened to smiling doctors, caring doctors?
Glad our main specialists are good:)
Oh and on a side note after all I said about the moon and its effects, the doctor was covered in hair all over his hands, fingers etc. Black hair.
Spooky or what?
We are going to Wales tomorrow for a few days with Artis Anne, talk to you when I get back with hopefully lots of dyed yarn:))


Herzblut said...

huge amounts of sympathy and empathy about Dr. Werewolf(I'll bet you anything he had a hairy back, too...ugh).....have had some similar experiences with A. and some consultants and it's just so wrong......

love and purrs to you both

Lesley said...

Sorry to hear you had such a rough time of it at the neurologist, some Doctors are just not nice.

Hope you have a great time in Wales and hope your pain and depression are lifting :-)

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

After what has happened to me recently I am with you on asking what has happened to nice caring doctors - ones who actually care and acknowledge that you have a right to ask questions and not be treated like a huge nuisance for daring to question them.
One dismissed me by saying it is hospital policy - I said excuse me but I am a patient and not familiar with your hospital policy and got a withering look for my remark.

Angela said...

Your socks are great, love the colours!

maylin said...

Granted the specialist sounds like an a***hole but the treatment may help. It sounds weird I know but my mum had a facial problem - with an eyelid that wouldn't behave. She was prescibed botox injections and swears by them now. On the other hand she has Parkinson's so 'normally' has little or no facial expression so if her face is less mobile we probably wouldn't notice. It did sort out the eyelid problem though.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the governmint's latest idea for annual appraisals of doctors might be just what the patient ordered. Mind you, he'll probably score top marks...

Hope you have a good break.

Cinders said...

Enjoy your wekend away. I've unfortunately also had mixed experiences with consultans. A really rude one who was as much use as a chocolate fireguard! I fought with my GP for 12 months for a transfer as I was outside the postcode for whrere I wanted to attend! so much for the govts patients choice! i then found a fantastic consultant who got himself jialed for being a paeophile!!! no joking.
I have a fabulous rheumatologist though.
I agree with you regarding the moon. I've been really ill. mind you I blame the rain.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the complaints about consultants. I did 150 mile round trip to one last week only to be in and out of his office in 10 minutes. All that he told me (which was little) could have gone in a letter. He even *asked* me if I was having physio! Er, no, I've been waiting to see you (for months) following a scan - who was supposed to suggest physio if not you?! And I got travel expenses too so more expense to the NHS. Grrr. Just joining you in a wee rant!
Glad to hear about the moon as I was feeling rubbish last week too...

Anonymous said...

PS Wharralorrayarn!

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