July 25, 2008

Home from Wales:)

We are home from Wales and staying with ArtisAnne and her DH. What a fabulous time we had and what wonderful hosts they were. There will be pictures just not today as I am shattered.
Anne is a very talented spinner/dyer and knitter to name a few of her talents and she is more than generous with helping folks who wish to learn(me)
We dyed mohair,sock yarn and fleece curls, colours are just divine and all mine:))
I'm hooked on dyeing my own yarns now for sure. Anne made it seem so easy but we will see when I try it here at home.
She showed me how to add beads to yarn how to knit socks on magic loop, how to do a mobeius strip, I've problably forgotten some of it but I'll update more tomorrow. We talked, we laughed so much we had fun all the way. We went sightseeing, we ate and did I say we talked?
Mr Mog thoroughly enjoyed his visit, I'd thought he may be a little bored if we were dyeing but no he made himself at home and chilled out.
Anne let me have a go with her knit picks harmony options , wish she hadn't as I need some now. Can't believe how easy they made my shawl knitting, like speed knitting without even trying.
Her house was full of things she had made and I could have moved right in there but don't think they would have moved out.
I'm tired and sore so off for early night. Pictures tomorrow
Oh and Anne, thank you for the best few days ever:)


Anonymous said...

*requires details of dyeing*

*currently has 3 fleeces a-washing in surplus solar-heated water*

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous - I want to have the time to learn about dyeing. So glad you had a good few days of fun and laughter and knitting.

Artis-Anne said...

Thank you too for such a wonderful few days ; we both enjoyed it so much . I am still buzzing with a head full of colour ;)Roll on our next meet up .
Take it easy now both of you xx

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