July 13, 2008

Laal Bear socks finished and a question on noon.

Finished the lovely citrus/fresh socks using the yarn that Ursula at the Laal Bear kindly donated. Don't they zing? With, you will note, eye of partridge heel. What next for the moggie? Could it be lacy socks or patterns? Yeah right:) I think small steps don't you? This is second pair for July for the hospice. The yarn was very soft and easy on the hands. Ursula does some gorgeous colours, email her for more details.
I've started a pair of socks for Mr Mog in the yarn that Maylin dyed specially for him, a dark rainbow that he loves , thank you Maylin you cheered him up, the colours are very him.
The twitch is getting worse and making Mr Mog quite upset. Can't wait til next week when we can hopefully find out what it is and how to fix it.

Now a question for you
Noon - is it 12am or 12pm? I know, a simple question but after doing a little survey around pubs/restaurant opening hours around here you'd be amazed how it differs from place to place.

Finally a little more colour for you in one of the tubs, calendula and nasturtiums


Paisley said...

In my book, Noon is definitely 12pm. Anyone who says different is operating on faulty (or absent) logic! ;-)
The nasturtiums are looking great.

aniexma said...

Noon is 12PM, midnight is 12AM, or at least that's always been my understanding.

Those socks are a great colour, they remind me of SweetTarts, do you have those in the UK?

Anonymous said...

Noon is 12pm.
Midnight is 12am.

Nasturtiums have to be the most Value colour plant that is easily grown.

fran said...

Oh yum, i love nasturtinums and yours look delicious!

As for noon, it's 12pm, midnight is 12am... as far as i am concerned anyway ;o)

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I agree with everyone else about the AM/PM thing although I do occasionally get it wrong.
One sock looks quite "ballet" with it's pointed toe position.
No doubt Mr Mog's new socks will be on view very soon. I saw the colour on your previous post and it's very him colourwise.

Laal Bear said...

Love the socks . I'm really pleased with the patterning . It wsn't intentional .Noon is 12p.m. feeding time as far as DH is concerned. Ursula x

Cinders said...

love the socks esp the way the yarn pools. lovely colours.
I agree with everyone else on the AM/PM thing.
BTW I'm running a blogiversary comp if you fancy dropping by

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