June 29, 2008

Woolfest the 3rd part, heavy with pictures once more

Part three and this is picture heavy also, but good pictures I am sure you will agree.
Donation from knitting4fun. Wool and silk, very soft.
From Freyalynne more purples aren't they lovely?
From Amanda at Natural Dye Studio,more lilac purples. Are we sensing a theme here? I didn't pick all these yarns BTW, I asked the people to choose for me:)

Jeni at Fyberspates chose this sock yarn, more on the same colour scheme:))
So as you can see people were more than generous with their sock yarn gifts. I feel so grateful for their kindness. I will really be having fun knitting all these up I can tell you.

Shall we go on to my stash enhancement now? Did you want to see what I bought for me? You would?
Well ok then if you insist.

200gm of fyberspates mohair, yummy colours and I do love knitting with Jeni's mohair:)

knitwitches sock yarn in sapphires.
a pendant cutter Wye Sue INSISTED I purchase as I really would need one:)
I also purchased the latest edition of yarn forward magazine and it has some very nice patterns in it. Kerrie and Lou were doing a roaring trade. I do hope that the magazine continues to go from strength to strength. Especially now that it will be published 10 times a year.

Then there was some sock knitting. This is how far I am on the blue sock.

Yarn is 100% merino 4ply from Martasyarns.com.au. Really soft and deep deep colours. Sadly the lady died last year so no more of this:(

When I arrived home yesterday, my package from Fyberspates was waiting. 2 skeins of Jenis new self striping sock yarn. I saw some samples knit up at Woolfest in various colours and all I can say is Noro eat your heart out. Its soft its silky and it stripes beautifully.

I purchased Ravens 2, dark and mysterious

and violets, deep deep violets:)
I think that is all. Hope it gave you a flavour of the weekend
I'm going to drink hot chocolate now and catch up on my blog reading and knitting


enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Beautiful colours of sock wool. I am very envious of all the purples.
I think Sue was so right to make you buy the pendant. Such a good idea. No more searching around for scissors.
Thanks once again for all the info and the photos. Great for those of us who were not able to go to Woolfest.

aniexma said...

Oh, beautiful, beautiful yarns. I LOVE purples too!

Joy said...

Good grief Amber, and I thought I had taken lots of photos ;-)

What wonderful photos, and purchases too. It was lovely to meet you, and Mr Mog too, and thank you so much for the gift.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the photos... almost as good as been there... maybe next year!

Cinders said...

Wow!! I've read all 3 of your Woolfest psots. AMazing!!! I wish I could've made it

Nevisknitter said...

It was lovely to meet you,and thanks to Mr Mog for teaching me to finger knit

Priestess~Harper said...

I'll get there one year, I will, I will!

*stomp of impatient little foot*

Anonymous said...

How I enjoyed these posts! Thank you for making the effort to post so much info and so many pics. It's a good job that Woolfest isn't nearer...

I have been a Good and Hard Work Working Witch for the past week, so hopefully I will have some time to do some textile work over the next few weeks. That felted wall particularly interests me.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

It broke my heart not to get to Woolfest. Next year I'll walk there, I promise! But I know you gave my love to everybody.

Thank you so much Amber for the visual reality trip. It was almost as good as the real thing!

Love and hugs from West Cork

Cornflower said...

Wonderful to see all your pictures and read about the fun. Thankyou!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for a great report and so many wonderful pictures, I really enjoyed the event through them.

Mad about Craft said...

You look as if you had a wonderful time.

I really will try hard to get there next year - all those lovely yarns!!!!!!

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