June 06, 2008

Knitting helps the world go round

I decided to start something new, and something different. This will be either a throw or a rectangular shawl depending on the distance the yarn goes. Its knitting up beautifully and is of course in my favourite colour. The yarn is, I think, a mix of colinette yarns and was gifted to me by Maylin. I'm doing garter stitch and the needles are 15mm so they seem absolutely massive after the socks. It is knitting up speedily. It is quite heavy so not sure if that means too heavy for something to fling round the shoulders. I do know it will be perfect for over the feet in winter though:)
Here you can see a close up of the yarn, there are some fabulous textures within it and I think it has mohair and silky chic in to name a few.
This will be a Mabon shawl. Yarn is Artful yarns portrait and the colours are lovely. Suggested needle size is US #10 not sure what that is in English , ah here it is English 4s or 6mm.I'm using 7mm as I want it to be a little more floaty and ethereal. So far it is.
Maylin I think that these shawls go speedily because I tend to knit while watching the occasional TV program or just to sit and knit at night while reading or listening to music.
The sock knitting will pick up again soon once I get the shawl passion abating.
Not too long to Woolfest now, looking forward to meeting people who I "know" from email and of course Ravelry


Rosie said...

I'm convinced that you must have a chant that helps you to knit so fast; tv, music and reading certainly don't have that effect on my knitting! And yay for Woolfest: see you there.

florencemary said...

Lovely shawls! Your Earth shawl is gorgeous as well...

Anonymous said...

What lovely shawls, Amber! And I wish I could knit as fast as you... I loved your nature photos.

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