June 13, 2008

Elementals, what they are:)

A couple of people have asked about the elementals and what are they.
In my belief system there are 5 elements and bear in mind these are my (loose) interpretations. Other people believe differently after all we are all individuals:)
The ideal is to have a balance of all of them:)
Spirit is the inner self and the part that makes each person who they are and makes them unique.
Water is emotions and a very big part of who we are as water makes up such a large part of a person.
Fire, energy action the inner spark the doing
Air the breath the ideas that are made substance by the fire part.
Earth the grounding part of us our link to the physical plane
A very brief description . I make each elemental to reflect a particular element. Most of the people who have them ask for a certain one or I send a certain one. I tend to believe that they need that particular element at that time

Hope that helps
Finished the first sock photos tomorrow as I can't find camera lead

1 comment:

Frances said...

Amber, I found this post very interesting especially the added spirt element I have never come across this before,
best thoughts Frances

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