June 18, 2008

Goodies and a Rav meet up:)

Met up with 2 fellow ravellers today Vicky and Jan. Both came bearing gifts:) Not that I wouldn't have welcomed them without of course.
Vicky brought us a wonderful rose quartz thumbstone.

Now as you know I love my crystals and love working with them, but I'd never seen thumbstones before. They have a little depression where your thumb fits and are a great idea for a touchstone. Mr Mog is carrying it as we speak. I have high hopes for it helping with his twitchy face. Vicky and I had met before when she brought her daughter Perran over for a visit so we weren't strangers. But don't you find that fellow crafters are never strangers? You hit it off right away and start showing each other patterns, what you are working on etc and time flies.

Jan not only brought yarn, mohair in purples and rich pinks, but she made me one of her incredible crochet creations and look its moggie coloured:)) This is one talented artist with a hook, the shawl Jan was working on is a must have. Would that I could crochet like her.

They also brought along the mohair stash you see in this picture. This has all been gifted by Paula from Ravelry and I foresee a lot of shawls in my future.

After show and tell of our latest books, magazines and work in progress we took a trip to the prom and had lunch in Costas then all too soon it was time for them to wend their way home wards. We will meet up again soon though, after all I need to see how Vicky's posh socks look completed and what size Jan's new shawl finishes.
Thank you both for a lovely day. Mr Mog was certainly distracted from the face things which helped.

I've made him an appointment for Friday to see the doctor and find out if we can do anything to stop it.


Crobbles said...

Thank you for a lovely day. I'll bring the socks to Woolfest as I should have them done by then.

I've been inspired by all your shawls and your reaction to the yarn tied round your parcel... who knows what I might get up to!

Anonymous said...

Wow, should I spoil you with any *more* yarn, I ask myself?! Glad you enjoyed your first SP parcel!
with love - SP

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Thanks for the lovely day out. It was great to meet up with you. I am grateful for the lift from Vicky that enabled me to do that.
She battled driving in horrendous weather in both directions to get me there and back which can't have been pleasant for her.
It is so nice to put faces to names and have a good old natter. You both made me feel so much at home. Lovely to see your workroom and the huge pile of socks within and the balls of wool yet to be knitted. I just wanted to pat and pet everyone of them.
Thanks for my beautiful shawl (I wear it every night) and elemental I will treasure them.
I hope that we will meet up again one day when I can walk better and appreciate the sea front more.

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