September 01, 2007

Some of what I've been doing:)

I have been knitting:) I also have found a great new etsy seller of sock yarns. Knitting on the green
I purchased some yarn from Liz earlier in the week and needed 2 skeins . She only had one on listing but offered to dye me some up. Arrived today ready in a ball to knit. Camera hasn't done it justice the colour is velveteen and is a rich blue/purple mix. And no Jo I am not knitting socks:) I think it will be a shawl, quelle surprise:)
However lets take the pictures from the top shall we?
first off start of a top down shawl in colinette mohair mixed with black mohair, as always when on straights and this early nothing much to see but proof I'm knitting n'est ce pas?
Secondly a finished alpaca/mohair shawl awaiting blocking. very light exceedingly warm. loads of this alpaca left if anyone is interested in a trade? Not my colour.
Third pic, the Julia shawl from wrapped in comfort
Given up for now, too many stitches for concentration at the momment but I will be back. Yarn is Lister Cachet DK 70% acrylic(shush you at the back) 30% wool. I have this in this colour and a delightful turquoise mix, gifted by my friend Elaine. It is good to knit with.
Fourth pic the start of another Sursa shawl in Noro silver thaw. Not sure I like this, the yarn is a little tweedy for my liking I think but we will see.
4th pic is the yarn from etsy:)
5th pic is another ocean lace stole in mohair:)
see I am not being too lazy, some knitting content after all. I didn't realise what I'd done til I started ferreting out the stash.
I'm off to eat roast lamb and veg now, we have the 2 grandsons coming for the night so Mr Mog and I are having early meal.
Thanks for all the comments I really appreciate them.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful yarn and projects, and I can't wait to see your Julia all finished!

Bryony Ramsden said...

Wow! You've been busy :D Very very pretty - love the sock yarn and the ocean lace stole. Yum yum yum.

Curly Cable said...

Beautiful projects, Julia looks lush and very pretty. Gorgeous sock/shawl yarn too, lovely colourway :)

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