September 25, 2007

Knit knit the days along and FOs 1 and 2

No pictures but tomorrow for sure:)
I'm knitting like crazy at the moment. Its helping pass the time til Mr Mog can start his treatment. The results will be going before the specialist and committee?? on either this Thursday or next, then they will call Mr Mog and I in to explain them and the options for his treatment. Then and only then will they actually start treating the da*n cancer.
Its so frustrating the wait, we seem at a loose end wondering how to pass the time while waiting. I of course am knitting:) Mr Mog is making a farm for our oldest grandson and its coming along great. We now have pigsties, a bull pen and shelter. All from wood from scratch, he is a clever moggie:)
I've used my yarn prize from Wye Sue
the purple that was so yummy to the touch. I've made a pair of fingerless gloves and a felted ear flap hat. The hat is drying as we speak:) I ran out of yarn for the hat so mixed some knitpicks naked in with it and it just adds a little cream to the top. I love the warmth of the yarn and will enjoy wearing it so thanks Sue. Pictures tomorrow.

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