September 05, 2007

Autumn longing and I finished my BSJ:)Edited with photos

I woke up this morning to the first taste of damp on the air, Made me remember why I adore this time of year:) That taste of damp at dawn and dusk, the whisper of the leaves falling to the ground. The smell of wood fires, the chance to snuggle up in warm jumpers:)) The promise of rebirth. Oh boy do we need the rebirth here chez Moggie. Mr Mog had his bone scan yesterday. The papers were only put in Friday afternoon so I think the Goddess is definately helping things along:). He has to have a CAT scan soon as they can plan it, within the next 2 weeks but lets hope for sooner rather than later. Then a chance to see whether it is curable and oh how fingers are crossed that that will be the verdict. If not then what to do to keep it at bay.
Once I know I want to take him away for a few days, a visit to old haunts like Glastonbury, a trip to see an 89year old aunt who we both love and who lives down in Essex, a side trip to Oxford to a dear friends and whatever else Mr M wishes. We haven't been able to kiss since yesterday morning because of the radioactive injection for the bone scan. That will be finished tonight but in the meantime we are airkissing:) Not as good as the real thing but helps.
With the holiday in mind I'm destashing more to raise the funds, more yarns to sell that I won't use. Probably my posh kidsilk lace mohair, some Colinettes. The spinning wheel will have to go on ebay I think. Really I need to look around see what I have that can go, the break is far more important to keep Mr Mog's spirits up.
On a different note I finished my first BSJ a la Zimmerman. Yarn is horrid but it did for a first try. Photos soon as Mr Mog uploads them. I'm making a second one in some fine boucle handpainted in shades of pink by Jo

Perfect I think for a new baby girl, photos of the yarn with the finished jacket later.
Edited to add NO I am NOT making it in boucle:( I tried but with these arthritic fingers I can not feel the yarn so 4 rows of h**l later I'm stopping. Will have to accept that the mog can't knit in yarn finer than fingering without way too much pain. So back to the stash buckets, what can I use?


Brahdelt said...

Purple and red, that's what I've been thinking lately, when I placed my in-the-process-of-frogging red sweater next to my Purple Belle, beautiful combination!
I keep my fingers crossed for you and Mr. Mog, and send to you all the good thoughts and wishes of health. Everything will be fine!

Craftydramaqueen said...

Super-speed knitting! Well done! I had trouble following the pattern too! Hugs xx

Diane said...

I hope the CAT scan results are good and Mr M will be on the road to recovery.

Anonymous said...

The bsj is really cute, I've had that pattern on my must-knit list for awhile.

Sending happy thoughts to you and Mr M that he is getting better soon.

Unknown said...

Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for the both of you- keep up the air-kissing :) I'm sure there's medicine in them somewhere :)

Unknown said...

Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for the both of you- keep up the air-kissing :) I'm sure there's medicine in them somewhere :)

Anonymous said...

LOts of loving and healing thoughts coming your way. I love that baby jacket too.angie , Jeff and Hols xxx

maylin said...

It is 4 months and 4 days since my son first knew he had leukaemia. It has been a rough 4 months but his treatment is over now and the prognosis looks good. I hope in a few months you are able to look back at all that has happened knowing that (in as far as any of us know)everything will be ok.

Love, kisses and hugs to you both. It is lovely weather to get away for a bit at the moment.

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