September 12, 2007

I've virtually been to Canada:))and a trip on the canal

Firstly and most importantly my virtual vacation swap arrived. After this I can definately say I've "virtually" been to Canada. My hostess was Stacey and wow did she pull out all the stops. As you can see from my parcel lots to read, eat, play with and watch. Stacey did a fabulous journal on her trip around the region full of info on her and her family plus all the places we visited. After this I most definately want to go and visit in reality:)
Thank you Stacey for a wonderful gift and watch your mail box:))
Secondly although I see blogger has put pictures in backwars. Mr Mog and I took a trip to Skipton yesterday. We had a gorgeous journey there through vivid green parkland , past railways and the canal. When we got to Skipton we decided to have a little pleasure trip on a narrowboat from Penine Cruisers
Just a short trip to the underneath of Skipton Castle
and back. What a lovely trip it turned out to be, yet bittersweet. Mr Mog and I used to live on a canal boat for a while. In fact we only moved off it when my health became too bad to allow for us living away from the doctors surgery. This is only the second time we have been on the cut(what canal folks call the canal.) since then. First time was for Mr Mogs 60th and the man who owned that boat passed away a couple of months ago. So we went, we enjoyed it greatly. These are just a couple of photos from the day. My ambition now is to try and raise enough from my destash to take Mr Mog for a weeks canal holiday before his treatment starts. Fingers crossed as the cheapest I've found is £600.
As for treatment, we found out today he does have to have the MRI scan. So it is in his bones I think. The scan is next Wednesday and then they will decide what treatment will be.
He is bearing up well considerin g, I think I'm more of a wreck than he is. Trying to keep cheery isn't easy.
I'm going to organise an abundance party to celebrate the Autumn Equinox next week. We used to often have parties for the turn of the wheel and I think we need one don't you? Abundance party because of course this time of year there is an abundance of fruit , vegetables and grain from the harvest. A time to say thanks for this and enjoy the fruits:)


Anonymous said...

Oooh lucky you, what a great package!

Crossing my fingers that you and hubby can get some much deserved time away.

Artis-Anne said...

Great package :)
so glad you had a good day out and I can empathize with 'past life's lost' but at least we did have them ,for whch I am grateful :)
Sorry to hear that Mr Mog is having probs and I am sure you are finding it hard also. Its so much harder to watch a loved one suffer than cope with our own ailments at times .
Will have you both in my thoughts&
a party sounds just perfect to me at this time and enjoy the fruits , in fact gorge on them ;)

Crafty Canadian said...

So glad you liked the goodies I sent. I hope you'll look me up when you decide to make your real vacation trip to NB. I'd love to show you around!

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