September 19, 2007

Finished Sursa, a pirze and the scan


Finished my Suras shawl,
pattern from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
Yarn Noro Iro and green handspun from unknown source.
Love love love making this shawl. I love the way the colours shade as you knit:)
I've started another in Noro Kureyon pictures later.
I also finished a simple shawl in the MYC silk/wool combo from my SP in the last round. It looks lovely and is quietly blocking as we speak so pictures for that in a couple of days.
I didn't give it a border as I didn't know what would go with it. Its quite a thick and thin yarn and I didn't have anything suitable, so for now it remains simple:)
The other picture above is the prize I won from Wye Sue
2 skeins of her fabulous handspun in purples:) I'm thinking hat and fingerless gloves. What do you think?
Thank you Sue a brilliant prize:))
The scan? Yes it was the MRI scan for Mr Mog today. Its not been a pleasant few days as he has been worrying over the scan and I've been worrying over him. As you do.
No sleep much last night and an early start as we had to be at the hospital for 8.45am. Meant starting off at 7.50 to drive the 4.5 miles because of the rush hour traffic. We made it with just 5 minutes to spare. It did mean we weren't sitting in the waiting room counting minutes though which was good. Mr Mog was in for almost an hour and I did my KIP. I worked on the kureyon sursa shawl and got quite a bit done while thinking positive thoughts that they wouldn't find any more traces of the cancer.
We won't know for a few days or so and it is going to be a long wait I think. However we have a friend coming to stay Friday to saturday then Saturday evening we have a group of friends coming over for an abundance party to celebrate the autumn equinox.
I'm hoping this will help
I think this turn of the wheel from Summer to autumn is always a time of flux and problems. A change from the light to the dark half of the year. I'm hopeful that after the weekend the new part of the wheel will herald positive healing news.
There we are


Roobeedoo said...

I do hope the news is good.
Sending positive vibes your way!

Brahdelt said...

The yarn you won is fab! A hat and wristwarmers would be great. (I wonder why I never ever knit a single hat for myself?... ^^)
And I'll keep my fingers crossed for the good results of Mr. Mog's scan, he must be all right, I cannot believe in any other situation!

Spindlers2 said...

Good luck. Knit on, &etc.

Wye Sue said...

Glad you liked the yarn - think it is merino...
Hope all goes well with the results,
take care

Rosie said...

Ah, the dark hakf of the year; a time to to rst, a time to heal, the time to knit. Hope you'll have a marvellous party and that the waiting will be over soon.

maylin said...

Sue's handspun is fabulous, gorgeous colours. It is such a shame you have to wait for results. I'm not sure why. When I had an MRI here, I left with my scans and a typed up report and a specialist had looked them over and spoken to me. Waiting is hellish especially if you are a fire sign. Healing thoughts coming from this direction too. I see that Annie Modesitts husband is doing well despite having such a bad original prognosis, so everything is possible. Blessings

Anonymous said...


artyfartykat said...

I was so sorry to read of Mr Mogs diagnosis.
You both must be so worried at the moment and I hope and pray that the scan results are good.
On a lighter note, the shawl looks beautiful, I love the colours.
Thinking of you both.

Artis-Anne said...

Oh I do hope the scan results are positive , keeping fingers crossed fot you both .
LOVE the shawl and the colours are fantastic
Enjoy you party :)

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you both and sending our love. Your shawls are gorgeous.

fibreclaireUK said...

Sending loveing positive thoughts to you both - waiting is awful : (

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