April 14, 2012

Drugs trial etc

I am going to try and keep some kind of online diary for Mr Mogs millennium drugs trial. I will try not to bore anyone but thought it would be beneficial for us both to keep a note of what is happening. I will try and label accordingly. I had to get doctor for Mr Mog today, well we actually went to the primary care as of course weekend doctors don't come out if they can help it. Mr Mog woke up feeling quite off this morning and a walk around the newt pond didn't help. In fact he started to shiver and become spacey and light headed as we drove home. It didn't get better, he went to bed completely flaked out and continually hot then cold. Everything hurt including his hair and the palms of his hands. The primary care told us to come to the hospital where they take surgery at 3-30 over 3 hours after the phone call. The upshot is that he has a water infection and was given 6 tablets to take over next 3 days. They are apparently vstrong ones. He is back in bed and I am keeping him supplied with lots of fluids. I can't believe how quickly it started and how speedily it worsened. Frightening stuff. Hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow. They said if he gets worse we have to ring immediately, glad they told us that because of course I wouldn't think to do so ;(


Blue Witch said...

Hope things are improving.

Do you get better access to medical care once he starts the drug trial? For example, a specialist nurse direct line you can call at any time?

And, given that the millennium was over 12 years ago, wy is the drugs trial so called?

Yarnspider said...

What a shock. My thoughts are with you and Mr Mog. Hope he is better soon.

Leanne said...

sending hugs, hoope the meds enter his system quickly and bring relief. ((hugs)) Leanne x

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