April 11, 2012

Dear Virgin media

After I don't know how many years, probably well over 10 I am finally leaving Virgin media. For the past 6 months or so my Internet connection has been abysmal and technical support has been no use at all. I've had 3 routers and each one has been worse than the previous.Your company do not support the  iPad despite the amount now in use. They do reluctantly support the Mac but even there when I mention wireless connection I get the "we support PCs " response.
Why in this day and age are Virgin lagging behind on supporting a popular product? Why is the service so bad?
I've had hours and hours of technical support including taking over my imac to try and fix the problem. Each technician says it is fixed then a few hours later no wireless once more.
I am disabled and rely on my computer so much to keep in touch with family and friends world wide, especially now with a terminally ill husband.
So you win (or lose) Virgin I am giving up and moving on to someone who  supports apple products which you don't


Dalesgirl said...

I had this problem - six months with really bad connection - in the end I discovered myself that if I changed the channel on the router - voila we had no more problems. Something in the house or a neighbour was interfering on our channel - this has worked for some of my friends as well. For some reason the Virgin techs don't suggest this - they wanted to charge me £60 for ongoing support cos I was ringing too much.

Blue Witch said...

That's a very much more polite open letter than I'd have written to them!!!

You'll probably save money on a BB/call package with BT cf Virgin. Virgin's prices are horrendous! At least with BT you can register with and use 18185 for cheap calls (5p connection only for UK calls to landlines, 1p per minute to phone many places abroad), if you haven't got a fully inclusive call package with your deal. 18185 are also generally the cheapest provider for mobile calls, if you don't have bundled mobile calls with your mobile.

Virgin don't allow you to use cheap over-ride numbers (there is a back-route in, but it's very complicated), BT have to, as part of the deregulation deals that went on years ago.

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