August 18, 2007

thank you for your good wishes and knitting

Many many thanks for all the good wishes both on the blog and privately, I do appreciate them. We have had a dreadful couple of days but Mr Mog is coming out of it somewhat and looking positive. I think it was the shock of the blunt way we were told and then the biopsy etc. Now we just have the 2 weeks to get through which is hard.
Tuesday I think we are having a day out because it is my birthday
Not sure where yet but I'll let you know when I know:)
Knitting wise, I've almost finished a shawl for a girl I know in rusty mohairs, I think I'm going to make a start on my posh kidsilk lace after that. I have managed to acquire a few skeins:))
Knitting is a comfort, when I'm in pain it distracts and when I'm worried it also helps. Eyes down and knit knit knit for sanity.

It is raining today and very windy, hope it clears for tomorrow as there is a sandcastle event on and I'd love to see it:)


Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

With you all the way in spirit, Amber love. All will be well.

And on the birthday thing, believe me it gets even better with each year - you don't care what people think any more and can speak your mind freely.

Digitalgran said...

I'm glad Mr Mog is feeling a little more positive after the initial shock. I'm so glad you both had that lovely break in a place you love. What wonderful photos!

rho said...

Hope you went somewhere special and had a ball --

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