August 15, 2007

Glastonbury, home of my heart picture heavy

We are home:) Glastonbury was wonderful. I always feel at home there. Soon as I see the tor in the distance I feel like a little child, I want to jump up and down in my seat and ask "are we there yet?"
Photos mainly of the Chalice Well Gardens. A fabulous place to sit and drink the waters of the Red Spring. Also this time the White Spring was open so I got to drink the waters there also. For me the Red spring is masculine and the white spring is feminine.The White spring has always been my place to sit and just soak up the atmosphere, especially as I am unable to get up the Tor itself. The spring is set into the tor. The new owners of the white spring have made a beautiful sacred space to sit. Each section had different sets of pictures of goddesses and gods. The spring is dedicated to the Goddess Brigid. Others represented there were the Green Man, Gwyn Ap Nudd?(Jo is this right spelling), to name a few. I especially love the picture of Brigid. Not easy to photograph as the white springs are quite dark(it is underground)
The Chalice well has numerous little shrines and sitting areas, I've uploaded just a few. The visit wasn't long enough, I hope to go again very soon. We both enjoyed it and the Travelodge was close to the town centre. I wasn't too keen on the travelodge itself, its only been open since April and wasn't very clean. Also we got stomach upsets from the fact the cups weren't washed but cleaned with polish I think??
1 Brigid
2 Holy Thorn
3 Bottom of gardens water feature, I forget name
4. flower Mr Mog and I both love, aren't the colours great?
5, one of the designs the designers put around the shrines
6. meditation corner
7 lions head where you drink the water
8 one of the newer shrines
9 a tunnel of living plants
11 same
12 seed heads
13 a fallen tree with mistletoe, still living I'm glad to say:)
14 another shrine
15 Tor
16 entrance to gardens
17 a deer
Now I'm home its time to finish the destash and get back to the knitting. I'm selling a Haldane spinning wheel ands several spinning books if anyone is interested.


Brahdelt said...

It is a truly wonderful place, I love all the trees and the picture of Brigid is amazing! I wish I could visit it one day. ^^

Marianne said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, thank you so very much!

maylin said...

It seems strange that I lived so close to Glastonbury for so long but never actually visited the chalice well garden. Last time I was there the garden was closed and the white spring was for sale. I don't know if it is still possible but you used to be able to pull up by the road side and fill up containers from the springs. There was a pipe either side of the road, red on one side white the other. Lots of people got their weekly water that way (why pay for bottled water?)

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