August 30, 2007

Blue devilled b'gad:) Or totally fed up

Too much Georgette Heyer methinks hence the title of todays post:)
I'm so fed up its unbelievable hence the long time between posts. Mr Mog still hasn't had his results, should have been today. I'm phoning the hospital tomorrow mornign because its getting to us both waiting. Its like every day is passing exceedingly slowly and neither of us knows what to do with ourselves.
I've done very little knitting maybe half a dozen rows on my shawl from Wrapped in comfort. I love the book but nearly 400 stitches per row is too many at this time.
I tried to find something to knit last night but nothing inspired. Oh woe indeed if I don't want to knit.
I'm going to do a web search after this post see if there is something quick, easy and interesting. Not much to ask is it?
Mr Mog what can I say about him? He is being very brave but he isn't sleeping well, neither of us are but he is so low. I took him to Ulverston today, well he drove but my idea:)
We went to see a friend and have lunch in town. Very nice day out and helped pass the time. Trouble was everytime the phone rang with family or friends asking have we heard anything, we thought it was the hospital.
So no pics I'm afraid this time.

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Oh, waiting is so horrid. Waiting even longer than expected must be a complete nightmare.

Hope you both sleep better tonight!

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