August 19, 2007

Finished shawl, started another and Sandcastle day:)

Finished the shawl a friend wanted and started another:)
Finished one is in hand spun/dyed mohair from USA mixed with odds and sods of other mohairs. The handspun still quite oily to knit so didn't allow for speed as it was sticky.
I've started the Julias shawl quick version from Alison Jepson Hyde's book wrapped in comfort
Circular needles knitted from top down and lace, did you hear me Marianne? I'm knitting lace again:))
Its great fun and a good pattern to do for my first circular shawl.
We had a walk along the promenade today where there was a sandcastle building competition and other seaside fun and frivolity. Punch and Judy, singalongs, all manner of old fashioned fun for all ages. I've uploaded just a few of the pictures from it. There was a professional sand artist who made the turtle(Mr Mog's favourite creature). He was inspiring people to have a go. We didn't stay too long as it was very windy today, rain has just started now 3pm so I'm hoping it hasn't stopped play.
I'm looking for copies of Barbara Walkers stitch pattern books if anyone has any to spare and would like to trade?


Marianne said...

Yes, I DID hear you, and am so happy about it also!
Love the sand scultures, and I love the turtles also...they're quite amazing.
Sounds like it was a wonderful day even if a bit windy...
The finished shawl is a beauty and I'm really looking forward to seeing the blue one finished, just a gorgeous blue!

rho said...

I got that book too "Wrapped in Comfort" and it may be my first attempt at lace - YIKES!

But I love so many things in there. Can't wait to see your finished product!

Anonymous said...

I just love sand castles and sand sculptures!!! I wish I was closer to the ocean.. So sad.... xxo

Unknown said...

amazing sand sculptures.

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