April 15, 2007

A smelly homecoming and a finished scarf:)

We had a very busy few days in England but it was fun with our grandsons and other family. Sad also because my aunt received my uncle's ashes on Tuesday. One of the reasons we went down. I think until the ashes I was in limbo on my grieving, now that they are home I can mourn a lovely uncle but also celebrate the life of him. We went to friends for a meal Tuesday evening, a yummy meal of ostrich stew, wilted greens and baked potato followed by pear and rosemary frangipan with cream. Gorgeous and very tasty:)
My friend who we stayed with made gorgeous meal Thursday a roast lamb dinner followed by lemon tart. Wednesday we ate pizza on the beach watching the sun over Cleveleys.
Friday we went to the local pub for a bar meal, I had lasagne with garlic bread, Mr Mog and our friend had sausage and mash and my friends daughter had beef cantonese. All very tasty. So as you can see we didn't go short on good food:)
We arrived back Saturday evening to a smelly,very smelly home. The septic tank that serves the houses here, plus others had backed up and the raw sewage was coming out next to us from the house next door. You can imagine how delightful that was:( It has been cleared this morning but the tank needs emptying and that will be next couple of days. Meanwhile it still smells foul and the field is a little ripe to say the least. That wasn't it though. Mr Mog lit my stove in the craft room and filled the house with smoke. The fire wouldn't draw at all. He had to carry the burning paper and throw out doors, then he cleaned the stove and pipe, that was clear. He then got help from one of the other residents and they pulled away the asbestos board behind the stove to see inside the chimney, that was clear as I knew it should be . After all we had only cleaned it before installing the stove. They swept the chimney and could see the brushes showing out the top of the pot. No blockage. Tried again by lighting paper in chimney smoke all over. At press we have no idea why the stove doesn't work, the room is freezing. Its warmer outside at 7pm at night than it is in the room.
Phew, there you have it.
Good news is I finished my scarf for the international scarf exchange. Need to block and you can see it. I've started a garter stitch shawl in mountain colours mohair, picture above. Shadows on main picture sorry. Its garter stitch with eyelets either side and in middle. I like it and of course I do adore my mohair yarns:)

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