April 15, 2007

Home again and my first SP parcel greets me:)

I,m back:)
We had a few days with family and friends down in England which I really enjoyed. Came back Saturday evening to a wonderful parcel from my SP:)) According to the address on the parcel she lives in the Netherlands. Hi SP:)))
As you can see from the parcel this person has sussed out the mog:) I opened the package before I even unpacked I just couldn't wait. Everything was wrapped in purple tissue paper and the smell as I opened the first parcel was wonderful. My SP sent me some lovely aromatic nag champa incense sticks,(burning as we speak) I have always loved nag champa, in fact the smell of this many years ago inspired me to start making and grinding my own incense so a truly wonderful memory lane present:)
There were a selection of fruit and herbal teas to try and they are so refreshing.
A dainty wax candle for my shrine. 2 teddies which I think? may be needle protectors? Haven't seen these before but love them, they remind me of gummi bears but I didn't try to nibble them honest(GG)
Chocolate and do you know I have not yet eaten it all up, there is a little left for after I've typed this. It is a rich dark chocolate, the kind I adore:)
And yarn, oh such tactile yarn in pruples, my colour my most favourite colour and a shawls worth easy between them. I'm casting on for this soon as I finish my latest one.
Finally some incredible Eisbar wolle/mohair/PA in a soft creamy white. The label attached says Was sockenwolle? This I think may dye?? This is 3 threads together, it is beautiful and there are 2 large balls of it 100g balls with 490m in each. Enough for something special. My SP also sent a card with tulips on, a hint of where she is from:)

Thank you my dear SP for a wonderful gift tailormade for me. So much thought has gone in to each item and I appreciate it very much:))
When you read my next post you will understand what a breath of beauty receiving this was


Anonymous said...

Yippee! The parcel made it safely into your hands. Now we know why the fates made sure it was there for your homecoming...a breat of fresh air!

dreamcatcher said...

What a lovely parcel! Hope you can get the stove fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Great that it has safely arrived! And yes, the little bears are needle protectors. Cute, isn't it? I really don't know if you can dye the Eisbär, but I'll ask the maker of the wool. It is originally meant for socks, but you can do anything else too with yarn for socks. I'm so glad you liked everything. Especially the incense. :-)
Your Secret Pal 10

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