April 21, 2007

The mog is moving

We are moving back to England, nearer to my family. I'm really struggling with the stairs here and its affecting me both mentally as well as physically so we've decided to call it a day and move. We have hopefully found a bungalow which will be far easier for me and just half an hour from my daughter and grandsons and similar from my son. Its been a tough decision but it had to be made. I'm hoping to move in approximately 4 weeks and as it is a much much smaller place I'm downsizing:) I've loads of stuff to put up for sale soon as I've had a couple of days rest from the journey.


Anonymous said...

That sure is a tough decision. Where in England? Will you let me know your new adress in time? It would be awfully sorry if you would miss your secret pal parcel.

Your secret pal

Nana Sadie said...

Moves like this are always hard, but being near family will make a big difference! Just don't stop blogging, okay???

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