April 29, 2007

Beltaine shawl finished in time:)

Just in time for Beltaine I finished my latest shawl. Hope you like it. One thing I may do when I get time is to bead the edging with dichroic crystal I have. I think they will shine beautifully as the light catches them.
My destash is going ok, still some things left but not many. All helps with the removal fund. Going down to England in the morning for a couple of days.Taking some plants and statues to the new house and having another look to check on space for things. Also going to check out Ikea beds as I desperately need a new one.
I will have the laptop so I'll be keeping in touch:)


Brahdelt said...

It's beautiful! Unfortunately I won't finish my Beltaine scarf in time, I'll probably be about a week late. ^^

Nana Sadie said...

WOW the shawl is gorgeous! Love the colors...the idea of crystals, well it's great!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Beautiful beautiful shawl. I must go look at that pattern. And yes, most definitely the crystals. Will shake power all around as you walk.

Aren't the bluebells stunning this year? Great joy.

I'm going to Woolfest! Will drop in for a day and we MUST meet! Let me know by email where you will be based. Happy moving, and don't worry - the power will go with you.

artyfartykat said...

The shawl is so beautiful, I love the warm colours in the yarn.
Ikea beds are wonderful, but because they are so much bigger than ordinary beds, they can cause probs getting them into the bedroom. We needed to dismantle banister and spindles to get ours in, so please measure more carefully than we did!

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