August 20, 2006

one day to birthday

Well tomorrow is my ??th birthday and I don't feel quite as gloomy about it. We had a joint housewarming birthday party last night which was fun. Lots of good food, drinks, lovely people and to top it all drumming and singing:))
I adore drumming especially now that I'm managing to lose my self consiousness about making a fool of myself. There were 6 drumming, several rattles and other instruments and boy did the house resound with the noise we made:) It was after 2 am when the last person left and the moggie felt her age this morning:) I've done some knitting on another noro bag in moss stitch, pics probably Tuesday. I'm currently searching for a shawl pattern to do with assorted colinette yarns, one not too complicated so I can read while knitting as its my evenings project:) Tomorrow I don't know what is planned, have received some lovely gifts already so my birthday seems to be spreading to more than one day.
On another note my skeinpal gift for last month seems to have been lost in the post:( I feel dreadful for my pal after all the thought put into the present. Do you think that someone somewhere is knitting with my gift?
Anyhoo folks its off to bed to catch up on my beauty sleep, more tomorrow but a year older


Claudia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's my SIL's birthday tomorrow, too! I hope you have a wonderful day that keeps you smiling non-stop!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for dropping by the remote hills. My throw is a plain old horsehoe lace, 12st repeat over 160 stitches (2 extra stitches each side.
Binky's is a variation that misses out the non-shaping rows - ie every row has incs and decs! I'll put the pattern up when we finish them!

Stacie said...

Sounds like a really great birthday bash! Hope your Noro knitting acted like a tonic for your tired muscles. :^) Are you a Leo or a Virgo? I have two DDs who are the former, and the youngest is the latter. Lots of personality at my house! Happy knitting,

acrylik said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day - it certainly sounds as though you had a fantastic party the other night :D

Peacock Chic said...

Wow!!! Happy Birthday Amber!!

This is Monique over at Nubiancraftster regarding the yarn.

Sure I could send over to Scotland. I would just have to figure out shipping cost. I factored in $3.25 into the cost for shipping US so if you tell me where you are in Scotland I can see what the cost is and advise you of the difference. I would probably ship FEDEX ground instead of USPS to make sure it got there.


tocspaw said...

I've come across this a bit late, but I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday nonetheless!! Thanks again from your pal!

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