August 27, 2006

A birthday gift from France:)

A wonderful gift arrived for my birthday from Maylin in France:) pictures in a moment with Hello as blogger isn't playing:(
Maylin have to say you made me smile yesterday when these arrived:)) The cats are gorgeous , look just like me:)
Maylin sent me 2 balls of Colinette which will make me a gorgeous soft floaty shawl, 2 fridge magnets a la moggie, Koolaid, a beautiful wrap in tie dyed silk and a card. What a way to brighten a dull Saturday thank you so much:)
This was so welcome, yesterday was sad for us all because where we live now there are 5 cats, 4 owned by one of our friends and the 5th by another friend. One of the young ginger cats was found dead on the road yesterday:( He is only around 6 months old and his picture adorns my blog with his lovely smile . Someone had put him into the side of the road and my friends daughter in law and grandson found him as they went for a walk. The only good thing if anything good can be said to come out of this is that his death was instant.
Makes this mog more determined not to have furry friends living with me again. If you knew how quiet a place this was and yet animals STILL get killed.
RIP my amber friend

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Anonymous said...

Sad news Amber..The parcel is lovely ,very you I'd say.

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