August 15, 2006

MY SPparcel is here :)) and thoughts on birthdays:(

here you see the wonderful parcel that arrived today from my SP:))) Aren't I the lucky one? You see before you:-
a fabulous multi coloured sheep card:) A bar of blackcurrant choc from the Chocolate Alchemist(none left now of this as I shared it with friends who came round to celebrate Mr Mogs birthday)
A large bag of Morrocan rose/mint herbal tea. I have never tried this one before and I adore herbal teas:)
A cute moggie tape measure:)
A skein of Colinette Isis in Earth, this is so soft and feely and I've never tried Isis before:))
A skein of Noro Iro that tones fabulously with the Isis:)
and 2skeins of Knitpicks gossamer in sweet peas colourway:)
THank you so much SP I love everything you sent. I'll really enjoy playing with all these, you are extremely thoughtful and I count myself lucky to have been given you as my SP

On another note birthdays. Do you find that some birthdays you look forward to and some you hate? This one next Monday I am dreading for some reason. Could it be the health stuff? Could it be the fact I'm farther from my children and grandchildren and they won't just be popping round? Who knows but I know I'll be glad after 21st August has come and gone.
My 50th which was a couple or so years ago I was convinced I wouldn't be here for. Some of that was the fact I had recently lost my mum but some I couldn't explain. I just had this dreadful thought I woul;dn't see my birthday.
Goddess willing that isn't going to happen this time but I've no enthusiasm for the event. Mr Mogs day was yesterday and we had celebrations the two of us. We are having a combined birthday party for us both and housewarming on Saturday. Just a few friends and our new neighbours who are friends anyways. House is 2/3rds done now but main room to do is our bedroom next. Trouble is that here all the upstairs rooms have sloping roofs which makes for a lot of cutting in when you are painting. So unless you do all room same colour it is slow. However:)) I've decided to keep my bedroom white all of it so easy peasy for whoever does it. Mr Mog??? This way I can display artwork I've made and artwork received from other artist friends. It will show well on white
Well off to doctor now I have a dreadful throat that came on suddenly and it appears it may be a sting or bite???
Hopefully not


tocspaw said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks like you got a terrific SP parcel - the colors of the Colinette yarn are gorgeous! May it go well at the doctor's office for you today...

Anonymous said...

Have a great birthday! I'm off to my guild's annual spinning retreat up north (Wisconsin still.) And I won't be posting 'til next week sometime. 'Hope that your package arrives soon so that you can play with it on your birthday!
Sara in WI

Stacie said...

Hi ambermoggie,
I love your SP parcel, you lucky devil. What a lot of loot! That Noro Iro (is it the red?) is a yarn I just got myself and am using in some felting projects, but it is so wonderful and raw somehow that I could see it being great for a lot of projects.

I think birthdays get harder after milestone events, such as the loss of one's mother, or passing 40, or 50, or whatever, but me, I'm finding myself at a point in life where I don't second-guess myself much anymore and do feel my power and capability both personally and professionally. So it may change with the seasons of my life, but I hope that some of that is true for you too, and that you feel better about it when it arrives. BTW in the US we had this advertisement for L'Oreal haircolor for years where a woman swirled her honey blonde locks while another woman's voice said, "You're not getting older; you're getting BETTER." Have them put that on your bd cake at the bakery. :^)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday first of all.Isis is lovely but oddly cold to the touch.When you wash it it's a good idea to blow-dry it or the pile can go flat. That colourway is lovely .I just wish Isis was more available not many stockists have it.

Artis-Anne said...

Such lovely goodies from your SP . This SP sounds like such fun (I'm new to blogging )I might try the next one but not sure how to go about it. I so understand re birthdays as I too suffer a chronic illness and never thought I would live to see 50 which was a few years ago now. Some days I am glad to be alive and others when the pain is just too much well !! I so hope your day goes better than you imagine .

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