August 02, 2006

Lammas greetings and Lammas celebrations

Lammas greetings everyone at this most special time of the pagan year. A time to honour the harvest of gold and green. One of my favourite times of year yet one of my saddest in some ways. We can soon see the leaves start to turn colour and the nights to draw in after lammas has been and gone. We celebrated at Oakleaf camp over the weekend and it was truly magical. The rain was mainly in the evening and night, the days were long and hot. The people came together to celebrate and have fun. 400 people with nary a worry, what bliss:) Many workshops and talks and you know what I didn't attend any. I did want to go to the beekeeping one but sadly missed it due to chatting. I chilled out all weekend and it was divine. We had been loaned a VW camper(my first time in a camper van) and had a pretty hair raising journey there and back. The exhaust came loose going over Shap and Mr Moggie plus friend were under the van trying to tie it up with very little material. Plus massive lorries flying past trying to see how near us they could get. On the way back over Shap and Bowes moor the wind was horrendous and the sttering ropey, we were all over the place. I was so glad to reach home. I have lost my dream of having a camper after this weekend. It was way too small for this moggie, very claustrophobic when sleeping and no room inside for sitting hardly. However it got us there and back so not bad for an oldie.
I've arrived home full of inspiration after seeing all the stalls and costumes of people. I am fired up to do more of my book on working and crafting with the elements.

I had wanted to post pictures but I've lost them all:( The shawls I made are long gone, given to good homes and well loved. I must begin on more. I am looking to work in fire and water still so yarns of those colours are on my to find list.


Brahdelt said...

Lammas greetings to you!
Have you received my e-mail some time ago? I just wanted to say that I love your elementals, you're very creative! ^-^

Twelfthknit said...

Can you tell that I'm more of a Zen persuasion, as it were? I was really confused about your post - where were the lamas that were now gone???? Finally I read it correctly - LaMMas. I need to go meditate...

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