November 19, 2005

November musings

I've just taken some gorgeous photos of the sunset from my art studio window. The sky so fiery and the sun just going down. Its inspired me to make a new landscape with my hand dyed felts and some stitching, or should I maybe knit some pieces to make my landscape from? Not sure but will have to see where my muse takes me. I've been admiring my Colinette yarn stash and thinking I'll need to start using some on something other than my dolls. Maybe another loopy scarf to start and I've seen a fabulous hat on a blog (woolly wormheads) that I'd love to try. One of my grandsons came today, the 7 year old. He was so proud of his picture on the front page of our local newspaper. He and his brother played the cornet at the rememberance service last Sunday and Matthew we think is the youngest person ever to play the last post at a service. He and his brother are so talented with the cornet and M can hear a tune and work out the notes and how to play it on piano, keyboard or cornet. Unlike his tone deaf gran who learned to play the cello at grammar school but gave up once I found boys:) Not cool to be lugging a big cello case around when you were trying to impress the boys.

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