March 10, 2016


Just for a change I thought I would add a picture. Not much ,but at the moment a lot. It's a Worsted Boxy a suggestion from friends as I don't have the wherewithal for anything complicated. This is round and round, and round. Making it in chunky that's almost Aran. It's slow going as my carpal tunnel in both hands is now very bad. I have splints, again. I am now having steroid injections, again. Can't have an operation for many reasons not just Mr Mog. The recovery rate is slow and I depend on my hands for crutches let alone the day to day stuff. So steroid injections is it.
I had the first one early this week and the second is in a fortnight. I am hoping that will allow me to sleep without all the pain and numbness I am getting.
So how's things?
Well hospice at home have visited, Macmillan have been, district nurses and Gp. All things in place for further on down the line when needed. Mr Mog is weary, lost probably near 3 stone as well as at least 6 inches from his height. The brace is helping tremendously

Note colours chosen by Mr Mog for the fastenings. It is thermoplastic and means that his back is supported at all times when he is out of bed. He is supposed to wear it all the time when not in bed. It is cumbersome for him but it helps keep the pain at bay and means he can have a little more normal life.
Normal is much different to what it used to be. It takes a couple of hours probably to get him up, into brace then into bathroom. Sit down, take off brace and wash. Add brace stand up complete drying, get dressed. Sadly he had only had one shower as he feels very vulnerable in there with no brace on. Neuro unit instructions were to cover brace with plastic bag to shower? That means those parts wouldn't get wash. He is on list to be seen and assessed for  Day hospice. They have a bath there and he could use that while there. It would also give me a few hours to myself.
So dressed, then into living room for breakfast. Usually one of the fortisip drinks and a small bowl of jelly and fresh pineapple , although last few days he has managed a plain boiled egg. After breakfast 
the drug marathon, currently around 13 I think - not all different. Mr Mog feels that they fight each 
other and I wouldn't  argue with him, after all he knows his own body. When we next go to palliative pain clinic in 2 weeks I will bring up the subject and see what they think.
By this time it can be 11am, if no appointments or visitors I try to get him out for an hour . Most probably just the supermarket as he can't  walk too far and soon tires. But we now have a new scooter for him. A Travelscoot
Lightweight, even I can lift it. Our present scooter is way too heavy even when broken down into its 5 components. This is much easier.
This is getting long so I will make it another post.


Blue Witch said...

Amber, although what you describe as 'daily routine' seems a nightmare to me, you seem to be accepting it with such grace and matter-of-factuality. You have my great admiration, as, as I always say, positive mental attidtude is all.

You sound much more positive here today - is it the knitting again that is helping?

Much love to you both.

Roobeedoo said...

Loving the neon! I hope he has matching socks?
I hope the injections help your hands. You definitely need them!
Day hospice sounds like a great option. The professionals make bathing seem so easy when it takes the rest of us forever and all of our shaky confidence.

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