March 10, 2016

More thoughts

where were we?
Oh yes I remember. So it's 4 am and I can't sleep. Slept til now but wide awake and can't just lie there with no sleep. Getting thoughts out of my head onto paper/computer screen always helps. Yesterday was a good day. After Macmillan nurses visit I went out for a few hours with my daughter. Just into nearby town, a look round shops and lunch then home. It was great. Simple but enjoyable. We got to talk about stuff. Not just the serious stuff, what happens after etc. Although that came up. But things like current progress of grandsons. One at uni, the other completing 6th form and may be going onto university depending on grades. Talk of what my daughter is doing and wants to do. Nothing medical, life threatening just normal.
When I cam home a neighbour had been round to talk trains with Mr Mog and brought a book of photos of his layout . We have seen him go by often but met him to talk to for the first time at cancer centre 2 weeks ago. We swapped phone numbers and I asked him to call when he was passing. So he did.
We are going to see the layout this afternoon. I have booked an aromatherapy massage first and I am really looking forward to it.
I am struggling somewhat as I don't know how this disease progresses, where does it go from here? Do the metastatic areas spread? Does it go anywhere other than the spine? All things I need to know. So I can be aware of markers that may need more hospital input .
Writing down the worries helps. Doesn't make for a cheery blog post but I am sorry for that.

On a more cheery note I have been enjoying creating occasional pages in my journal . When it is daylight I will take some pictures. Will make a change from all text on the blog;)

The next thing I am in the process of doing is rearranging and emptying my craft room. Or trying to.
We will need to use this room for a bed at some stage as its the only room available and suitable. That
means getting rid of lots of furniture. But I still need somewhere to create. I've seen a friends solution and it would be ideal. Trouble is it's very pricey and I can't afford. So I am looking for something that will hold all my craft supplies and give me a work surface. Then the desk, chest of drawers and large IKEA Expedit unit can go. Oh and the forest throne is for sale if anyone wants a OOAK spinning chair or just comfortable chair. Made in cherry and ash by a Scottish craftsman.

Hard to photograph the colour but you get the picture?


I think that may do for now. Thank you for listening. It helps.


Blue Witch said...

So pleased you have found people in a similar position to you both to meet up with. I always think that there's nothing like sharing problems and sharing solutions with others facing the same journey.

In terms of the disease progression - I suspect that is a rhetorical question? The thing about these things is, no-one knows for sure. There are patterns, but it's all about individual response. Think of the prognosis when Mr Mog was first diagnosed... he's defied that, helped by both of you having very PMA.

Don't get rid of too much, will you? You'll need it more than ever one day. Is there anyone local who could store a few things for you?

Don't forget your knitting when you go to see the trains ;)

Yarnspider said...

Blogs don't need to be cheery to be worth reading. Always here, keeping you both in our thoughts.

Roobeedoo said...

Wow! That chair is amazing! I do hope you can find it a happy home.
It is so good to hear you are having time off to be normal. For me, my day job was my respite, even if it wasn't exactly "fun". Nowadays it is weirdly comforting to still have that routine.m

Debra She Who Seeks said...

The forest throne is awesome -- I hope it finds a good home!

Freyalyn said...

Sad though the news is, it's still good to hear from you and to know what you're both up to. Please keep it up as long as you feel you want to.

(And that seat would make an excellent 50th birthday present for me, which is coming up in six months. I may suggest it to Mark....)

Compostwoman said...

I love the forest throne - do you have any idea how much you would like for it, as I could use it as a story telling throne in the wood? And your blog, your words and feelings. It doesn't have to be sweetness and light!

Compostwoman said...


Ruby Louise said...

Like Sarah said, blogs don't have to be cheery to be worth reading. Write what you feel like writing. We'll be here for you and Mr. Mogs regardless. Sending hugs....

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