February 26, 2016

Is there joy in sadness?

I think there has to be otherwise life would be even more unbearable than it is. A joy that manifests itself in the first moments of a new day when the man I love turns and says good morning. When the sun is shining and even better shares a little warmth with us.
When I manage to get Mr Mog to eat a third of a bowl of spicy soup. Or as this morning a full glass of home made smoothie.
There is even laughter when we ponder his ashes final resting place. When he mentions the Lake District and I tell him I am not climbing striding edge
But that his nephews , keen cyclists as Mr Mog was, must do the deed.
Or when we fix the ever present back brace into place and I tell him he is my bionic man.
There is sadness and tears aplenty . The thought of being without this lovely gentle man is heartbreaking, as is the helplessness I feel that I can't fix it. Can't make him better, can't wave a magic wand or do a spell to make things how they were.
So we enjoy each day, each thing we achieve. Each other
Because in the end that's all you can do.


Knitlass said...

Sorry to hear that Mr Ambermog is so poorly, but glad you are both able to smile and laugh about things. All we can do really is enjoy the moment - keep on enjoying them together.

Sea said...

I don't know what to say apart from you are both in my thoughts. It's good that you're making the most of the moment.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

May the Goddess bless you both on this difficult journey.

Sue Krekorian said...

I am so sorry for your sorrow but so glad to read of your taking what pleasures and joy that you can. A sense of humour is a blessing. When it comes down to it, we have to make the most of what we've got. Much love and many megahugs to you both xxx

Blue Witch said...

Glad you are managing to see the bright side. Living in the moment is really all you can do, isn't it? You are so brave in how you are thinking, and in all you are doing: huge admiration.

Much love, strength, and healing vibes to you both.

And - I know you know/do this already - don't be afraid to shout as loudly as you need to get all the support you can from a system that doesn't always work to the patient's advantage, and doesn't always have their best needs at heart.

Roobeedoo said...

It becomes a kind of a devotion, immersing yourselves in the moment and enjoying the sunshine. And yes, that is all you can do - and it is good and it is right and it is enough.

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about Bob. You are both in my thoughts at this difficult time. As you said, enjoy every moment.

Antoinette said...

You're amazing, and brave. Sending love, and warmest hugs. xxx

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