February 01, 2016

Cancer update

it's a long time between posts, I am so sorry but life is pretty awful at the minute. Mr Mog has been poorly for lack of a better word. Oncology was last Tuesday . Oncologist decided not to carry on with chemo as he has been so ill. Huge relief  but tinged with worry for both of us. She decided that Mr Mog would have radium223 otherwise known as Xofigo. 6 treatments and 4 weeks apart. This is purely for pain but apparently some times can prolong life a little. She warned it could be 4-5 weeks before first treatment but in the event radiotherapy rang as we Got back to our friend Ms home and offered tomorrow for first treatment. As we had just booked a night away in Liverpool for tonight we weren't sure what to do. They said it was no problem and it's been rescheduled for next Wednesday . Mr M was desperate to have a night in Liverpool at our favourite hotel so our dear friend M agreed to go with us for moral support and help as she was formerly a ward sister. I think the thought of Liverpool has kept Mr M going. Last Thursday he had to see doctor and is now on another course of antibiotics as his chest infection wouldn't go away. He has lost more weight and is now just 10 and half stone:( he is on fortisips to try and gain some weight. We got to Liverpool but I am not sure if I wish we hadn't come or am glad we did. He is shattered, can barely walk and is so so tired and sore. I suspect this may be our final trip away and it breaks my heart to see him so frail. Tomorrow we go home and on Wednesday Macmillan nurses are coming to see us. Doctor has ordered a special mattress for Mr M as he now has pressure sores starting on both hips. Last week we saw palliative care consultant at the hospice go tweak his medication. Trouble is the pain relief is not quite cutting it, the pain breaks through mainly in the day. He sleeps fairly heavily once he gets to sleep. He is sleeping much more in the day now as well. We have been truly blessed with incredible friends and family who ring, visit, email and send cards. Lots of online friends also who we have never met.
For this I am truly grateful.
I have cried for Britain, I feel so desperately sad seeing the man I love so ill.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hugs and best wishes to you both, especially that pain may be lessened. May Brigid the Healer bless you this Imbolc.

Antoinette said...

This breaks my heart ambermog. Knowing that you're suffering and that someone you love dearly is suffering. My hands are empty. You have so much courage and grace. You're a beautiful soul. I send you Imbolc blessings, for you truly are in the dark belly of the goddess. Thinking of you muchly dear one. xxx

Ruby Louise said...

Sending hugs to you and Mr. Mogs. I wish you peace and comfort.

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