November 18, 2015

Sock knitting/oncology again

Yesterday was oncology. Mr Mog was prodded and questioned on pain etc. A decision was made
Scan and a blast of radiotherapy today but higher area than last times marathon.
Sock knitting continues. The scan has been done we are now waiting for his radiotherapy session.
Oncologist has been to check the scans and give us both huge hugs. 
She is a star and always puts us at ease despite the anxiety. We are lucky to have her as Mr Mogs oncologist.

Mr M has to have a tablet prior as the area being done can cause nausea. We have been told that there can be a sore throat and possible inflammation of the lungs. The pain will probably be worse before it improves:(. 
But it's treatment and that's the positive thing.
Vibes are always appreciated.
Thank you


Jennifer said...

Sending from Canada. <3

Antoinette said...

Yes - absolutely. Sending all the good vibes to you! And hugs, and tea. xx

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