September 17, 2012

I've still been making art:)

My landscape in machine embroidery
 First take a selection of fabrics

arrange them in some kind of landscape

 start stitching them down with loose tacking stitches on to your base fabric.

not sure? then try some other colours

 But decide first lot were great so carry on stitching. Frame them with a little card to see if the effect is what you envisioned
 Yes? then it is finished.

there has also been knitting

 Another shawl:)
 and a swirl jacket, my coat of very many colours. made using all the left overs from previous knitting:) The jacket was a little tricky at the beginning . you had to cast on almost 600 stitches using long tail cast on which I hadnt done before. It got a little easier after that. It is a little big and I dont know whether to felt it  or leave as is.
 Then I did a workshop at our spinning group on Saturday. Eta ingham lawrie does the most spectacular  weavings, if you google her you will see what I mean.
I have not woven since I was a child so I was quite daunted at the thought of a workshop but was determined to give it a go. I am so glad I did:)
My piece is entitled Sulky Cat meet Ciel. Sulky cat because she introduced me to the delights of steampunk(note the wheels on the piece). Ciel in honour of a late internet friend. When she passed another friend gave us all a mini skein of purple sparkly yarn Ciels signature:)
I've had this over 12 months now waiting for the right occasion to use it. This was it.
I wanted to do a piece to represent the element Spirit, hence all the purples although it shows up blue. I've added a triple moon and at the bottom a bell.

What do you think?


Sea said...

The machine embroidery looks good. I have a wonderful machine I haven't used vey much that is good for that kind of thing. A felting machine. (I don't know if that is the correct name.) It essentially goes through your fabrics but instead of a convential needle with an eye, they are barbed needles. Natural fabrics work best.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What gorgeous fibre art! Clearly you've been inspired lately!

Grace said...

I love your shawl and all your fiber art is beautiful! Your use of color is really well done; I especially like the Spirit piece!

Suzi Smith said...

Ah... beautiful.... love 'sulky ciel' :-) just popping by to say hello & send my love to you both, i've not been around so much for a good while xo

sulkycat said...

I am so flattered, thank you! You are a multi-talented woman. Mega hugs xx

Teacosy said...

Schön, beautiful Pierce.
Happy spinning Sylvia

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