September 18, 2012

Fascinating colour(again)

I have a fascination with colour, it attracts me and it changes my mood. The brighter the better normally,

Sometimes I have to go out of my comfort zone though. A challenge to my senses.
I also have to leave my comfort zone in creating and for the same reasons.
I decided to try drop spindling again.  I liked the portability of a spindle, it can go places where you wouldn't necessarily want to take a spinning wheel.
A friend was destashing a trindle, a sort of drop spindle but with arms. A strange beast, especially when you aren't a spindler. But it attracted me so I thought I'd give it a go.
This is one of the earlier trindles with fixed arms. Jeremy now makes detachable arms so you can change the weight you use. A brilliant idea.

 This is my first trindlespun yarn, here you see it on the noddy noddy after plying. My first success at using one of those also:)
 Here it is skeined up ready for use. It is just a small skein but my first proper spindle spun so precious for that reason.
 This is my current spinning on Tilly the traveller, this was me going  out of the comfort zone. I couldn't resist Freyalyns silver skies colour way, there is such a lovely sheen to it. Reminds me of the moonlight on water.
 Lola the Lendrum has the start of a batt from Danielle at the felt studio. I don't often spin batts, like the curates egg they can be good in parts. But this attracted me when I went to Andyfest the other week, put on by Andy from . A fund raising weekend for a local hospital . Had a great time meeting up with friends and this had to come home with me. It is spinning up beautifully.
 This is the current attempt at weaving, not sure the tassels will stay though as they aren't right. It is going to be a piece for the element of air.
 This is my latest knitting, yet another Pamuya shawl , the link takes you to the Ravelry page. The yarn is zauberball and the colour  is more purple than blue in real life. A vibrant choice for dark nights.
 These are my current spindle spinning yarns, waiting on bobbins to be plyed or added to before plying. Aren't the bobbins gorgeous? A friend sent me some for my birthday.
 This is the current spinning on my trindles. The back one is Mandacrafts falkland in the ultraviolet colour way as seen on the bobbin above. Gorgeous to spin, I love Amanda's fibres.The trindle is the ebony shaft,batik agate arms
The middle Trindle is the micro with mixed fluorite arms and Freyalyns merino silk and the tiny front one is the nano with hematite arms:) The nano is very lightweight and ideal for silk. The fibre is tussah silk from Freyalyn. My first time spinning pure silk also.

So a little view at current inspiration and creativity. I am very sore today and despite strong painkillers, anti inflammatory gel and a heat pillow I can't  create. No matter there is always tomorrow.


Ashling said...

Oh my...knew you were a woolly adventurer, but so gifted and versatile! I'm blown away by an entire drop spindle skein. Awesome! Do you do your own dyeing?

Freyalyn said...

I'm glad my fibre is there, but so sorry you're having a bad time. I usually feel a change in myself as we switch over to the cold and dark half of the year - not necessarily a bad one, but this year it's manifested as a horrible cold. But nothing to really worry about. Hugs and best wishes to you, as ever.

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