March 03, 2012

spinning and knitting

I realised that my spinning and knitting don't mesh. I love spinning and I love knitting, but I don't spin to knit. The two seem like separate entities. I do knit some of my spun yarn but the act of spinning is complete within itself for me.

I don't consciously think of a project I want to make then spin the yarn for it. I can't seem to work that way. I like to spin bright colours, it lifts my spirits seeing the bright colour going onto the wheel. However the spun yarn up to now hasn't necessarily been right for the items I want to knit.
Take shawls for instance.

Most shawls benefit from being knit in a solid or semi solid colour way. Too much variegation in the yarn and you can lose the pattern.
But I don't necessarily like spinning all one colour or a semi.
One solution has been to add bands of variegated colour into shawls.
I don't want to limit my spinning to solid colour ways, it would take away the whole meditative practise for me.


pip said...

That's interesting; I've never spun yarn but have a friend in Brittany who has just dug out her wheel after 25years! I don't think she ever got a chance to use it as time was taken up with children and smallholding.
I just love socks from variegated yarn as they're so individual and quirky.. handspun socks sound quite special to me. Perhaps if you spin in sock/sport weight I could purchase enough for a pair of socks from you..

Freyalyn said...

I think you've had some of my fibre with the 'long pattern' colour change - does that work better with your shawl? If you let me know can always do 200g or 300g all in one piece with a very long colour change along the whole length?

Ashling said...

If both bring you pleasure, then savor and enjoy, whether or not they 'mesh'!

Blue Witch said...

I'm like that at a different level - I enjoy the processing of raw fleece into dyed product, and plain fabric into dyed fabric.

The problem then comes as to what to do with it all.

Finding a market is not an easy process, and fraught with expense and legalese. Plus, I always feel that the minute one does something for money, it's less of a pleasure.

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