December 19, 2011

Finally, the winner

I have been very remiss and I apologise. I did say I would choose the winner of the shawl giveaway on the 8th December.
There has been a lot going on chez Moggies so I have been distracted. Add in that today is oncology day for Mr Mog and it may help explain. So sorry about the delay and without further ado the winner is:-

Very Lazy Daisy:)
can you contact me with your address please? if you comment and leave your email address I won't publish the comment but will be able to contact you.

So what have we been up to this past few weeks? Looking back not a lot but lots going on. It took around 5 weeks for the viral infection to finally leave but of course having 2 lots of antibiotics, 2 lots of steroids and a steroid inhaler left its mark on my body. I've had lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and lots of live yogurt to combat it.

Mr Mog has been busy reorganising his railway both in and out of his shed. He has been waiting for several weeks now for a couple of dry days to paint the outside line area and relay the lines. Unfortunately I don't think we have had a day without rain for over a month. He is quite frustrated by it as you can imagine.

He is keeping well as far as we can tell although the Oncologist will prove or disprove that this lunchtime.  We try not to worry about his visits although being human the night before and the actual day are always a little fraught.
The spinning still continues to hold us both in thrall and there is something very relaxing about sitting spinning as dusk falls with good music on the player.
I've been making shawls, nothing new there then:)
But I seem to be being drawn to the dark side of shawl knitting, very reluctantly but firmly.

First I thought I'd maybe like to try lace weight. Talk about shock horror. This from the person who said she would NEVER knit finer that 4ply.
Don't ask me why I want to go finer, I suspect it is just the challenge but who knows. I didn't have any lace weight yarn in the house but some friends thought they better encourage the path diversion and forced a skein of lace yarn on to me. They were just a tad too late however as when the urge came I just had to start knitting there and then. I searched the stash and found some Crystal Palace kid merino, very fine and slightly haloed. Probably as it is a mix of nylon, merino and mohair. As you may or may not know I've always had a love affair with mohair.
So the yarn is fine and very soft. I'm only on my second ball of it, they are 25g balls. The shawl is nearly finished. I did my own pattern for it and there will be pictures soon I promise.

not content with lace knitting I have gone a wee bit further. I also wanted to try beading.
I've threaded around 200 beads onto another ball of the yarn and intend to do the border with occasional beads.
Am I foolish? Most probably, I mean to say why try two new ideas at the same time and both of them challenging?
But there you go I suspect it may only be an occasional foray into the dark side but who knows? The muse calls and I follow her beacon wherever it takes me.

Yule or Winter Solstice is very nearly on us and we are putting up a tree and some sparkles this afternoon after the hospital. Have all our candles ready for the moment of dark turning into light. A time when we put out all the lights then start to light candles one by one to honour the return of the Sun King and the lighter days. What are you doing?

I had a few great ideas for painting Dorothea and I did as they suggested. Thank you:)
 I telephoned our local garage and asked if they could help me with the spraying. I mentioned that I intended to take Dorothea to various wool festivals to display the shawls etc we have on sale for the Air Ambulance fund raising.
 They very kindly took on the task of spraying her and doesn't she look great? The colour is a platinum silver and perfect for displaying shawls.
 Mr Mog thought she needed some lights for Yule and she has the latest shawl to keep her warm.

The shawl is Dragonfly wings free pattern on Ravelry and the yarn is Posh Hannah.

Phew think that is the update so far. I'll let you know how Mr mog gets on at the hospital.


Sea said...

I suppose we had to pay for the incredibly dry October/November at some point. I'm fed up wit drying clothes in the dryer...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like you're both keeping busy and making more beauty in the world! Keep on!

Roobeedoo said...

Wishing you well for today's appointment.
Will you be wearing fairy lights to the hospital? That would cheer things up in the waiting room!

Blue Witch said...

Dorothea (and her shawl/lights) looks fantastic. Glad you found a helpful garage to pretty her up.

Do hope the appointment went well - and pleased you're both finding lots of distractions. As I always say, PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is the key.

Very Lazy Daisy said...

Sending every good wish to you and Mr. Mog. I do hope he got on well at the hospital.
Many thanks once again for the beautiful shawl. I have e-mailed you my address, as you requested.
Best wishes

Very Lazy Daisy said...

Thank you once again for the shawl, it is beautiful. I have e-mailed you my address as requested.
I do hope that the appointment for Mr. Mog went well.
Best Wishes

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