December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice

As we reach the longest night/shortest day of the year Yule is here. Tonight's dark will very soon give way to the light and the days will begin to lengthen once more. We will have all our lights out and reflect on the dark inner time of year before starting to light candles one by one to symbolise the return of the light. I hope your Yule and Winter Solstice brings you peace and a renewal of energy as the light returns once more.
Mr Mog went to hospital Monday and I'm afraid his PSA is up once more, only .3 but none the less the third month of it rising. After both Mr Mog and I told them how he still feels good within himself they have decided not to change treatment this time. He has to go back in 6 weeks and if the PSA has risen at all then a full body scan and a change of treatment dependent on the scan results.We know that chemo is inevitable but the longer it can be delayed the better as to be honest after chemo I don't think there are any other options except palliative care.
Mr Mog is a determined b***ar and if he or I have our way it won't be needed just yet. After all it is 7 months since the 12-18 months left diagnosis was given and he has not started chemo which is fantastic.
I think I was more upset, or showed it more, than Mr M did when they said the PSA score, but you know you have to put it behind you and look forward. Otherwise you wouldn't live but just exist.

We decorated the tree when we got home from hospital ready for Yule and after tomorrow we will look forward to Christmas with good friends and family. After that there is New Year then ? who knows but there will be something else to plan and look forward to.

I am only human(VBG) so I know that my positive face may slip but I can put it back.

And Mr Mog? He is frustrated because of the damp days preventing his fettling the outdoor railway. Otherwise he is the same old moggie.
We had a day with friends yesterday dyeing and eating, chatting and generally having fun. That helps.

And you?


Blue Witch said...

PMA trumps PSA every time :)

Daddy BW was given 6 months to live on diagnosis, and he lasted 21, and I know of two other people who had much better prognoses than predicted, so they're often wrong, particularly when The Universe lends a hand when asked. I think you're very wise delaying chemo as long as possible.

Mr BW would have a railway, for delivering chocolate straight to his mouth. I would have a railway, for taking kitchen waste/compost up to the compost heaps. It might need to be a bit larger than normal, of course ;)

Love and Solstice Blessings to you both x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Solstice blessings to you and Mr. Mog -- and I hope the weather clears up soon! Enjoy the season!

Roobeedoo said...

Hey now - he is doing well! He FEELS well and that is the main indicator. Have a lovely seasonal break and don't worry. Worry does nobody any good. Keep knitting!

Rosie said...

Love and hugs to you both. You may both be only human but you are very special, kind and determined humans!

Puddytat purr said...

You hang in there lovey, you're both doing great!

You've got my number - you ever want a chat then give me a ring. I do know how you're feeling.

Looking forward to seeing you both again really soon xxx

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